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Family Research Council: Insuring ‘Risky’ LGBT Community Will Cost All Americans

An unconventional outreach program targeting the LGBT community has the Family Research Council predicting the downfall of the health care system.  To help promote Obamacare, a drag show in Shreveport LA is now including the insurance’s perks as part of its act in order to reach out to uninsured Americans.

The Wednesday Night Tea program is just one of the programs sponsored by private organizations that the White House has used to reach the LGBT community, a group that is disproportionately uninsured and more likely to work in jobs without health benefits.

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins responded to the outreach program with a fiery e-mail to his followers predicting the downfall of the entire healthcare system if the government was forced to shoulder the financial burden for the “high risk pool fed by even higher risk behavior.”

“A troupe of transvestites called Wednesday Night Tea has started promoting HealthCare.gov as part of its act,” Perkins wrote, adding, “If the law lacked legitimacy before, wait until a cast of cross-dressing men get through with it.”

He further predicted that providing health insurance to all Americans, including those in the LGBT community, will make the system collapse.

“As taxpayers are about to find out, the system wasn’t designed to withstand the volume of elderly, sick, and at-risk patients most likely to enroll,” he said. “Either the exchanges will buckle under the weight or the government (i.e. taxpayers) will start shouldering even higher costs to compensate for the medical demand.”

He also railed against another social media campaign targeting the LGBT community, Out2Enroll, which uses a tongue-in-cheek approach, including a Christmas campaign promising both ‘naughty’ and ‘nice.’

“As if Americans weren’t convinced already, this is just further evidence of how backwards the White House strategy is,” Perkins demanded, pointing out the inappropriateness of the Out2Enroll campaign.

He added that unusual White House programs that benefit the LGBT community and encourage them to enroll in Obamacare are not at all surprising, “given this administration’s pro-homosexual partiality.”

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