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Conservative Catholic Group Blames the Passage of Same-Sex Marriage Bill for Deadly Tornado Strike in Illinois

Robert Ritchie, executive director of the right-wing Catholic group America Needs Fatima, blames the passage of the same-sex marriage bill for the recent devastating tornados that struck Illinois and the Midwest, killing at least 8 people.

“Some see God’s chastisement; others see it as yet one more merciful warning from Providence,” Ritchie wrote in a blog, referring to the recent weather emergency that sent tornados spiraling through Illinois and neighboring states and winds raging up to 190 mph, destroying homes and devastating communities in its path.

Survivor Steve Bucher described the terrifying events that demolished  his Washington, Illinois home on the early hours of Nov. 17.

“Within 30 seconds, the house was literally vibrating from the direct hit of this funnel cloud,” Bucher said. “Next thing we know, things are cracking, and glass breaking and furniture came around the corner, missed us even though it came down the hallway where we were.”

Just days after the tornadoes struck, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn signed the same-sex marriage bill into law. The measure, which was vehemently opposed by Cardinal Francis George of the Archdiocese of Chicago and others within the traditional Catholic community, had been passed earlier in the Illinois House by a slim margin of 61-54.

Ritchie suggests that the timing of these events in Illinois may not be coincidental  and much like Hurricanes Katrina and Irene may actually be a sign of God’s displeasure at a sinful world.

“Could God be showing His supreme displeasure with the reigning amorality and libertinism, loss of faith and dissemination of sins that “cry out to heaven for vengeance” such as abortion and homosexuality?” he asked.

Drawing from quotes from Augustine and the retired Archbishop of New Orleans, Philip M. Hannan, Ritchie concludes that while it cannot be known for certain if God is showing his anger, if the world does not stop sins such as homosexuality and abortion, more tragedy will await.

“God does not want the death of the sinner, but his conversion,” he warned. “However, if the world does not heed Our Lady’s call to conversion, we cannot be surprised if even worse tragedies afflict the world – the annihilation of whole nations.”

Photo Credit: Daphne Zaras via Wikimedia Commons

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