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Feder: ‘Beware of Obama Claus and His Stealing, Lying Ways’

Don Feder has an important message for confused Americans this holiday season.  “Santa is within us,” he advised in a recent blog, “He does not reside in our nation’s capital.”

The World Congress of Families communication director warned that “too many of my fellow Americans believe in Obama Claus,” a mistake that he claimed is understandable given “the smug community-organizer elf that stuffs stockings with Obama-phones, food stamps, extended unemployment benefits, health insurance for 30 million uninsured and other welfare state goodies.”

Feder continued by explaining that unlike the ‘real’ Santa which he describes as “an old, white dude” Obama Claus steals from the American public in order to pay for the treats he leaves in poor people’s stockings.

“Does Santa steal to pay for the presents he leaves?” Feder asked comparing Obama to Santa. “Does he pick the pockets of parents to buy toys for kids? Does he spy, harass, lie and intimidate?”

He further advised that unlike the benevolent Christmas symbol, the “merry old fellow with a twinkle in his eye to personify kindness and the urge to give,” the so-called Obama Claus spends way too much time vacationing in tony Martha’s Vineyard, leaving others to do his work.

“Where do the presents in Obama Claus’s bag come from? Do elves in the North Pole make them, or are they extracted from the peasantry?” Feder demanded. He also warned that the Obama Santa imposter likewise propelled himself on the backs of the rich.

“Are the rich the reindeer harnessed to this Santa’s sleigh?” Feder questioned, adding that the energy spent pulling Obama’s sleigh left little energy among the rich for “creating wealth and generating jobs.”

He concluded that unlike the fake Obama Claus, the ‘real’ Santa lives in all of us, and is a symbol of the spirit of kindness that is not swayed by thievery, destroying the economy, or desires to remake Santa in a way that renders him no longer white.

“This Santa can do anything,” Feder said, “even over even overcome bureaucratic inanity, racial grievances and politically correct penguins.”

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