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Fox News Offers Tips on How to Survive Liberal-Talk This Christmas

In a Fox News segment “Personal Story,” that aired on Dec. 23, Greg Gutfield joined with conservative comedian Tom Shillue to discuss how to survive liberal-talk this holiday season.

“The left likes to think it’s always the crazy right-wing uncle who hijacks the holidays.” Gutfield said, stressing that the one talking politics rarely knows what he is talking about. “But, no, it’s usually that young, idealistic left-wing college kid who commandeers the conversation right before asking you for money.”

Pointing out the Obamacare ad showing a man dressed in pajamas, Gutfield noted that Obama is encouraging Americans to talk politics during this year’s holiday festivities.

“The fact is, he is saying to introduce politics into your holiday conversation,” Gutfield said. “Would a Republican ever think of doing that?”

Shillue, who made a joke that Obama is also sending the message to be lazy and stay in pajamas all day with the ad, contended that while “it happens” that a conservative brings up politics at the tables,  for liberals, all politics are personal.

“If you are right of center, remember that the people who are sitting around the table who are Democrats or leftists or liberals, whatever you want to call them, they take it personally,” he said, adding, “Now, we don’t.”

The conservative comedian continued, “Politics to us is like a toolbox. We put our tools away and then we come to dinner.”

Shillue further explained that once you introduce conservative ideas in the conversations, liberals immediately raise their armor. “They’re like Transformers, you know,” he joked.

He said to deal with the Fox News-hating liberals during the holiday he tries to change the topic to food, turn up the TV to drown out the liberal-speak, and has adopted some phrases to help him cope with liberalism during Christmas.

“And I say, ‘Well, that’s interesting. That’s an interesting perspective, you know.’ Because, the thing is, you’re not going to sell anyone,” Shillue said, “Like the Obama boy in his pajamas, they think they’re going to change minds around the holidays, and they’re not.”

Photo Credit: Screenshot/Fox News

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