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Republican Lawmaker: ‘Protecting Christmas Promotes Pluralism’

During a Christmas Eve broadcast on Fox News, House Representative Doug Lamborn (R-CO) discussed his new resolution aimed to fight back against the so-called ‘War on Christmas’. The new non-binding legislative action seeks to protect the symbols of Christmas from attack from the secular left.

“H.R. 448 is a bipartisan resolution to protect Christmas,” Lamborn told the Fox and Friends hosts. “It says that we should, as a country, protect the symbols and traditions of Christmas and not put up with any attempts to ban the symbols and traditions of Christmas.”

Lamborn continued by stating that there is a group in America that wants to destroy Christmas celebrations and prohibit religious expressions of the holiday. “There is a vocal minority that is offended at the rest of us who want to celebrate Christmas,” Lamborn explained. “Just because someone is offended doesn’t mean that they can shut down the religious celebration or acknowledgement of every other American. Then that tramples on the rights of those Americans.”

He further added that his resolution, which protects only Christmas, is intended to protect people of all faith traditions and lead to a more tolerant society.

“If someone says to me Happy Hanukkah or something like that, I apply that to my own religion I’m not offended by that person’s acknowledgement of their religion. And so, we live in a pluralistic society,” Lamborn stressed. “We need to have more tolerance of the diversity and pluralism of our society.”

The legislative action is the latest from Republican lawmakers who have vowed to resist anti-Christmas secularization awith efforts to protect the holiday traditions.  Earlier this month, Rep. Candice Miller (R-Mich.) announced that she had worked to make certain House members could send holiday greetings with the message ‘Merry Christmas.’

This holiday season,  National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) also launched their own campaign, printing t-shirts and mugs with the slogan, “Happy Holidays is what liberals say,” to promote the use of ‘Merry Christmas.’

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