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Leading Creationist and Climate Change Denier: ‘Evolution is a Satanic View and Only for the Gullible’

Creationist and climate change denier John Morris claims only those who are gullible could be fooled by evolution.  During a Dec. 27 radio broadcast sponsored by the Institute for Creation Research he told co-host Chris O’ Brian that “evolution is unbelievable because it is simply not true.”

Responding to a question from O’Brien about whether or not evolution has proven useful, Morris explained that the discoveries made by evolution are not what they appear.

“Evolutionists say that evolution undergirds all of biology, and yet no truly helpful discovery has come from evolution,” he said. “It is true that many evolutionists have made amazing discoveries, but these are based on scientific observation of the way things are—how they originated is a different question.”

He further added that if evolution were true, the explanations underpinning it would not be as complex. “It seems to me that if evolution were really a theory of everything, as they claim, then it ought to be obvious; they shouldn’t have to rely on silly evolutionary stories to make us believe it.”

Morris serves as the president of the Institute for Creation Research, a Texas based center that conducts research “within a biblical worldview, since ICR is committed to the absolute authority of the inerrant Word of God.” In addition to its radio broadcast, ICR offers training and educational materials that support creationist views and climate denial.

One study, for example, concluded that the “tremendous efforts that governments and individuals worldwide are making to fight it [CO2 emissions and climate change] will amount to chasing after the wind.”

Another claimed that, “results from 2013’s genetic research annihilated the idea that chimps and humans shared any kind of ancestor and soundly support the biblical alternative that God made man in His image.”

Despite criticism from mainstream scientists and overwhelming scientific evidence that does not support his claims, Morris remains resolute about his and his Institute’s mission to spread the word that both climate change and evolution are false and a “satanic view” that “denies the fact that Christ is God and that he died for our sins.”

“Most people are not gullible enough to think that a frog change into a prince,” he stressed during the pro-Creationism broadcast. “Creation is a much better answer and we learn that when we go back to Genesis.”

Photo Credit: Tim Vickers via Wikimedia Commons

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