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Garrow’s Prediction for 2014: Obama Will Announce He is Cahoots with Aliens

Birther pundit Jim Garrow has made a startling prediction about Obama in 2014.  The worn-out president, with his numbers sinking into the sewers, will announce that he has made contact with alien life.

“It is important that we understand the one thing that has not made it out to the public is the notion that we will be visited by or have been in the past visited by aliens…,” Garrow told radio talk show host Erik Rush during a Dec. 30 broadcast, “We’re talking little green people, well not really little green people, people who are from another world.”

He further added that Americans have been conditioned since the 1960’s for the eventuality that there is life beyond the stars, all part of a plot that was fashioned years ago by an unnamed man who was mysteriously found murdered by Obama in Hong Kong last October.

“In the New Year we are going to see something that is pre-planned back in the ’60’s is going to happen,” Garrow continued, adding that this alien contain will turn out to be “a great fraud.”

Calling it “the greatest deception that mankind has ever faced,” he stressed that the charade will be used to make Obama seem like a great leader and a statesman.

“Mr. Obama will use it to take himself from being in the tank, in the sewer frankly in terms of popularity,” Garrow said of the alien hoax.

To suppress those that don’t believe in the extraterrestrial plot, Garrow explained that Obama will call on the help of the Canadians.

“Obama can ask [Canadian Prime Minister] Harper to send troops into America to help quell the rioting,” Garrow pointed out.

While the prediction that Obama will use an alien crisis to gain popularity and turn Canadians against Americans seems far-fetched, fellow radio show guest and Tea Party member Nancy Smith, did not appear to bat an eye at Garrow’s claims.

“Personally I’ve already heard some other sources saying the very same thing that you’re saying,” she told Garrow and the radio audience about the alien scheme to boast the White House approval ratings.

Photo Credit: Altheadlines via Creative Commons

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  • Charles Nix

    Here’s a comment: A stupid Google ad is covering up half your damn article with no way to close it! FAIL!

  • arkywildcat

    I could read it. Not worth the time however. Just a bunch of nutty fruitcakes.

  • Judy

    Garrow, you are nuts. Not because of the ET theory, but because of all of the disrespectful crap you are saying about President Obama.

    • Arvy

      He’s a criminal. You should be mad at him too!

      • Judy

        Thats a bunch of crap. If anyone were criminals it would be Bush and his boss Cheney.

        • Arvy

          He used the IRS to attack people who had done nothing wrong, and rewrote the law without congressional approval. He has been breaking the law systematically over and over again. I don’t care what party you belong to, you should be MAD.

          • Judy

            I do not think that any of that is even true. The haters of this country have lied since he was elected President twice. Sorry, but I have the utmost respect for our President.

          • Arvy

            Yeah – Then why did Holder have to resign?! I’ll tell you why, because the president is tied to all of Holder’s criminal actions including those of the IRS. Respect when he first came into office, sure. I was proud of America, and thought we were making progress after having elected a black president. But now that he’s shaped up to be the worst lying, criminal president in the history of the US? NO. How can you support someone who purposely armed Al qeada, ISIS and let them slaughter half the middle east? How can you support a president who has spent us 7 trillion more into debt which is more than every president from Washington to Clinton? It’s beyond irresponsible. I take it back, you shouldn’t just be mad, you should be outraged.