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Joyner Prediction for 2014: ‘Christians Will End Up in Prison for Speaking Against Obama’

Right-wing pastor and TV host Rick Joyner has made a bold prediction for 2014.  According to the founder of Heritage International Ministries, the U.S. government, under the control of anti-Christian Barack Obama, will fall into a totalitarian, anti-religious state ruled by evil.

The message, which he claims he received over 25 years from God, predicted that the U.S. would be subject to “the worst form to tyranny there has ever been on the earth, the worst totalitarian police state there has ever been on the earth.”

He added, “the enemies of God have pretty much taken over America and are dominating America.”

During a December broadcast of the Jim Bakker show, Joyner further explained to host Jim Bakker that he has witnessed the nation fall into ‘ultimate depravity’ under leaders who have turned their backs on God and said that this will cause God’s judgement on the entire country.

“This is what we’re experiencing,” Joyner said, stressing that day-by-day good, Christian men and women were losing their rights and their country.

“America is not America anymore,” host Bakker lamented about the current state of the nation, adding that he was afraid even to speak the name of Barack Obama for fear of being sent to prison for speaking against the fallen leader.

In response Joyner stated that very soon even being a Christian will be made illegal by the God-hating government unless Americans speak out now against the evil that has overtaken the country and start a new spiritual revival.

“I believe, if we don’t speak out, we’re all going to be in prison very, very soon,” Joyner said. “And it’s going to be a worse prison then we could imagine … If we don’t have revival, if we don’t have another great awakening, we’re going to experience a tyranny and a totalitarian oppression far worse than anything that was experienced in the Twentieth Century.”

Photo Credit: Screenshot/Jim Bakker Show

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  • Wilbur Bill Cochran

    Stop spread this crap. Fear mongering to rile Christians against our elected leader because you were unable to defeat him at the ballot box is childish.

    • Gregory Kealohalani Young

      This would be a non issue if he was white.

      • Cindy Kaes Neal


  • Debra Ranson

    What a whack job. People like him are destroying this country. Hateful, fear mongering bigots…..

  • Ruby Kuykendall

    what a nut job. people actually believe this kind of garbage.

  • thomasbone63

    If anytime you and your racist group ever threaten the POTUS with bodily harm then you will be jailed.

  • NL

    Hey this crazy nazy “pastor” need an intervention and taking him to a mental institution!!! hahahahaha!

    • Andre Breville

      Have you forgotten about Jeremiah Wright who preached hatred against America and Caucasians? Wake up!

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  • Roscoe

    He has received this message for 25 years, but now that there’s a black president, it will come to fruition.

  • Louis Perez

    Wow, what a color can do to some people.

  • Karlheinz Groeger

    It’s amazing as to what insecurity about your own religion will compel idiots to blather on about!

  • andacar

    There’s nothing wrong with Rick Joyner that some thorazine and a long stint in a rubber room wouldn’t cure.

    • mary Goode

      And he call his self a christian.

  • Cindy Kaes Neal

    Could he please give us a timeline for this? I will put it in my planner. I am impressed that GOD talked to him…25 years ago. If he had all this knowledge that long ago whycome he didn’t share i?

  • Kathi Geukes

    The only “prison” this man should be in is a one that has four walls and a locked door…..it’s called the looney bin…..one way mirrors so that he can be kept an eye on…I can not believe people actually believe this crap….wonder how much money he makes spouting this fantasy….

  • Rose Kuo

    I’m a Christian and I support President Obama. I’m a very liberal Democrat, but not happy with Obama care; it didn’t go far enough. But I like our President so where does Joyner think I’m going for being a Democrat? Maybe I should ask.

  • H Peter Koenen Myers

    Obama is taking away all of our constitutional rights like the right to have a safe and legal abortion on demand and taking away our rights to vote. Oh wait, wrong party.

  • Kevin Whorton

    Why does your God mostly “speak” to the crazy ones, anyway?

  • Pseudonym

    All this guy is concerned about is losing his tax free status. He’s sick and doesn’t even know it..

  • Nabil Ghusein

    He should be medicated daily.

  • Andre Breville

    Wake up people! You call Joyner a bigot and that he is mentally ill. But you ignorant liberals keep on ignoring all the signs around you. Have you forgotten about the young females who got arrested for praying in front of the white house? Have you not payed any attention to the banning of the pledge of allegiance and crosses in public schools? Millions of Christians and Jews are being persecuted every day. And guess what? The Hippocratic comments you post about those who are trying to take this country back from dictator Barack Obama are completely absurd. You libs are the bigots. You have so much disregard for anyone who doesn’t agree with you and you blame all the problems your democratic leaders created on the christian conservative republicans. Get real.