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Joyner Prediction for 2014: ‘Christians Will End Up in Prison for Speaking Against Obama’

Right-wing pastor and TV host Rick Joyner has made a bold prediction for 2014.  According to the founder of Heritage International Ministries, the U.S. government, under the control of anti-Christian Barack Obama, will fall into a totalitarian, anti-religious state ruled by evil.

The message, which he claims he received over 25 years from God, predicted that the U.S. would be subject to “the worst form to tyranny there has ever been on the earth, the worst totalitarian police state there has ever been on the earth.”

He added, “the enemies of God have pretty much taken over America and are dominating America.”

During a December broadcast of the Jim Bakker show, Joyner further explained to host Jim Bakker that he has witnessed the nation fall into ‘ultimate depravity’ under leaders who have turned their backs on God and said that this will cause God’s judgement on the entire country.

“This is what we’re experiencing,” Joyner said, stressing that day-by-day good, Christian men and women were losing their rights and their country.

“America is not America anymore,” host Bakker lamented about the current state of the nation, adding that he was afraid even to speak the name of Barack Obama for fear of being sent to prison for speaking against the fallen leader.

In response Joyner stated that very soon even being a Christian will be made illegal by the God-hating government unless Americans speak out now against the evil that has overtaken the country and start a new spiritual revival.

“I believe, if we don’t speak out, we’re all going to be in prison very, very soon,” Joyner said. “And it’s going to be a worse prison then we could imagine … If we don’t have revival, if we don’t have another great awakening, we’re going to experience a tyranny and a totalitarian oppression far worse than anything that was experienced in the Twentieth Century.”

Photo Credit: Screenshot/Jim Bakker Show

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