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Utah Man Plans to Starve Himself to Death to Protest Same-Sex Marriage Law

A Utah man plans on starving himself in order to stop same-sex marriages.  Trestin Meacham has already lost 26 pounds on the first 13 days of the fast and according to a Cultural Hall podcast, “He is committed to death to protect the state of Utah’s right to ban same-sex marriage.”

A former state senate candidate who ran on the far-right Constitution Party and supports the enacting of biblically supported law, Meacham started his fast on Dec. 21 and said he was inspired by the actions of spiritual leader Gandhi.

Although his goal is to nullify the same-sex marriage law, he denies that his fast is caused by bigotry or malice towards others. “This has nothing to do with hatred,” he wrote on his blog in huge print. “I have friends and relatives who practice a homosexual lifestyle.”

He stressed that his fight is against injustice and the current same-sex marriage law, which was enacted one day before his fast began, denies the people of Utah justice and free speech.

“This is about religious freedom and an out of control federal government,” he said, adding, “A law voted on by a strong majority of the people of Utah was rescinded, thus robbing the people of their voice in government.”

He further demanded, “If this law remains, the natural rights of free speech and religious freedom, vouched safe by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, will be violated.”

In a local interview that he later lamented via Twitter, “made me look dumb in the editing,” Meacham explained to reporter Brian Carlson that his fast could be ended if the people committed to refusing to follow the law.

“They don’t have to go through the legal court battles and waste our money, they can end it tomorrow with the act of nullification,” Meacham said, vowing not to eat until he sees this citizen-nullification happen.

However Attorney Greg Skordas countered that Utah law does not work like that. “When individual personal liberties are at stake the state can’t infringe on that, even if it’s the will of the people,” he pointed out.

Despite the questionable legality of nullification, Meacham has vowed to carry-on with his fast, in which he is allowing himself only water and vitamins for nourishment.

Photo Credit: Screenshot/Trestin Meacham blog

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  • Scott Cornett

    At least Tibetan Monks have the strength of conviction to light themselves on fire. Once the match is lit, there’s no wussing out, which is exactly what this dude will do after a few days. There is exactly ZERO chance he’ll actually starve himself to death, making his entire “protest” a meaningless gesture that will only impress the rubes.

    • Same Sex Eating

      Check it:

  • lauralth


  • Stuart McDonald

    A couple of Nazi pseudo-Christians said in harassing phone calls made to me during my hunger strike in San Francisco in early 1989 for anti-discrimination laws based on HIV/AIDS status and sexual orientation, “Die, Faggot, Die. Go ahead and starve yourself to death.” Well, I’ll just say the obvious here: “Die, Nazi, Die. Go ahead and starve yourself to death.”

    The two phone calls came one right after another. A man and then a woman. I had just finished a live interview about my hunger strike on a local SF TV station. The news anchor did the interview from the TV station and I was at home with the cameraman. I had just finished the interview when the first phone call came in. I didn’t answer either phone call, but my answering machine had the speaker on while it was recording their messages. The cameraman heard it all. When they were done, I turned to him and said, “You did hear that, right?” And he said “Yes.” He finished packing up his gear and then left.

    • glantern35

      Personally, his lack of food won’t kill him, all the hate and bitterness inside him is what will eventually kill this scumbag.

  • glantern35

    I doubt this guy lost 13 pounds in so short a time. He’s just looking for attention. Eventually we’ll find his stash of Little Debbies and his temper tantrum will be over. Wah. Wah. Wah. Stop crying buddy and take it like a man.

  • Cindy Kaes Neal

    Now this is about the height of fame seeking. Just explain the relation between a one person hunger strike and gay marriage.

    • Ariel Lanier

      there is no relation between hunger strikes and gay marriage. this human just does not get that message. he thinks that what he is doing is going to change ideas about how other people live. and it just is not going to happen in this life time. or the next. so Christians have been murdering people for thousands of years just because of their beliefs. I am a witch. I do not believe in their god. and the message I send to all the world. is let go of your hate. and your anger. I live the wiccan creed which says live your own life and do no harm. so with that Christians need to stand down and step off the planet.

  • carriedaysnelgrove

    let the idiot starve! Go have your tantrum somewhere someone cares buddy!

    • Ariel Lanier

      amen. this act is an act for attention. and all that is going to happen is there will be one less moron to have to deal with.

    • Same Sex Eating
  • RedRider67

    I guess it goes without saying = he looks pretty damned gay to me. Self-hating much?

  • disqus_6AeSbMRBY2

    Like the small child who threatens to hold his breath till he gets his way, this petulant child masquerading as an adult will realize that one person’s self inflicted suffering matters little in the face of millions being denied their rights. Go ahead and starve yourself; it will mean nothing.

  • Tim

    Wow, he will die in the name of stupidity. Rot in hell stupid!

  • masteradrian

    Well if he is that much of a nutcase and an idiot, to think that he can change reality by killing himself (being a deadly sin btw according to god….. and leaving him outside of heaven, but putting him into hell and damnation and all of his family and relatives……), then go ahead… and kill yourself.. all in the taliban-name of religion!

    But, let me do a suggestion… do as real men do when they want to protest anything in the name of their backward religion …… bomb yourself.. at the building that you refer to as your church, and take as many as nutcases and idiots with you! No doubt your minister has the tools to provide you with! Probably down in the cellar of the church, were he probably also has the hidden rooms were he keeps his abused chilfren, starving them to death!

  • dave

    are you able to take a few of your close friends with you?

  • Egodram

    Hey Trestin, you can go chow down on a dick, how’s THAT?

  • Colin Robinson

    If he’s that fussed why doesn’t he just move to Iran where they hate freedom as much as he does!

  • Tat Wadjet

    “You are not being persecuted when you are prevented from persecuting others”.

  • William Weierman

    So if I were to get a majority of the voters in my state to agree that all mormons should be slaves then all is good?

    • Goforride


  • Raoul Duke, Jr.

    A Darwin Award candidate, for certain. A cleansing of the gene pool is always good. Let’s send him our encouragement.

  • Ariel Lanier

    this is really ignorant. and stupid. no one has the right to tell others how to live their lives. all that is going to happen is he will be dead and nothing will have changed the rights of humans to live their own lives. this is a Christian who thinks he has the right of judgement over others. ok.so I am a hereditary blood line witch.and his point would be?

  • Simon de Little

    Starve away. Foolish man.

  • Loren Dunning

    And why is it that we should care about Meacham starving himself to death? I can come up with alot of other ways to make it sooner!

  • Carla Hurst-Chandler

    Well…that will be a win/win then…won’t it!

  • dns1962

    My knowledge of the Bible is suicide is a sin. Starving one’s self is suicide. Unless of course you believe you will be ‘rescued’ by the change of heart by multitudes being denied their ‘God’ given nature. Let him starve. Let him burn in hell. His choice.

  • H Peter Koenen Myers

    Ever how close the word Mormon is to moron? Or how about their chief angel who’s going to change from gold to flesh when the second coming happens, his name is Moroni. Again very close to moron. Begs the question: was Joseph Smith just playing people for fools. I’ve worked with a number of Mormons, one embezzled from me and another one serving on my board of directors who in a disagreement sent letters to all the shareholders (mostly my family) telling them EVERYTHING I had done wrong in my life and my medical history. In my personal opinion Mormons are SCUM…liars and thieves. This little stunt by this Mormon just goes to prove howSTUPID (moron) Mormons really are.

    • TristaLouise

      I am not sure if it is fair to paint all Mormons in such a way. I agree this particular Mormon is homophobic and ignorant, but I am sure that there are many well-meaning Mormons who are not at all like him. Even if we don’t agree or believe as they do, I don’t agree with making such blanket statements, it is just trading one bigotry for another.

      • H Peter Koenen Myers

        Bigotry is fine for Mormons and not for me? A bit of a double standard? I will always be a bigot against Mormons or any other fanatical religions groups. What have they done to me is justified by you? Their HATRED of gay people has damaged innumerable lives. Yes I will not be hiring any scumbag Mormons again!

        • TristaLouise

          I said none of those things. I was simply asking you to not paint all Mormons with the same brush and hate on an entire group of people or blame an entire group of people for individuals who wronged you. You have clearly made up your mind it is ok to be a bigot against Mormons so there is no use continuing a conversation.

  • Same Sex Eating

    California man goes on fast from starvation for same-sex marriage in response to Utah bigot on fast from food for homophobia.

  • Russell Kurson

    Please don’t let me keep you from the swift completion of your mission. You are a filthy religious bigot.

  • coolblueeyes

    lol one less lonely person in the world

  • H Peter Koenen Myers

    I used to work with Mormons. One was my CEO who embezzled thousands of dollars from my company, then sued my company, for what I can’t remember, but he won the rights to MY patents. He was a total buffoon and didn’t pay the patent fees so they went abandoned. Then I had a Mormon on my board of directors. She got a hair up her ass for some reason and wrote all the shareholders, most of whom were my family, telling them in a letter everything I had done wrong, EVERYTHING. She was trying to manipulate me into giving her more shares. Given all these Mormon induced problems, my fledgling company had to disband. My personal opinion of Mormons is they are money grubbing, self interested, and frankly disgusting people. I’ll never hire another Mormon knowingly.

  • glantern35

    Oh… the people voted, so we should go along with that. How about this… all you politicians get really good salaries. How about letting the people vote on what we think is a fair salary? How about letting the people vote on proper punishment for companies that pollute a river? How about letting the people vote on whether we want to spend our treasure on health care for all, or wars in the Middle East?

  • RonWPB

    Isn’t suicide against the law and against the Bible? Really, instead of making us all wait till you check-out by starving yourself, couldn’t you just shoot yourself and be done with it? What a moron.