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Huckabee Uses Jahi McMath Tragedy to Talk Abortion, Totalitarian States and Nazi Germany

On Saturday, Fox News host and possible 2016 presidential candidate Mike Huckabee turned the tragedy of a Jahi McMath into doomsday predictions of totalitarian states, linking the legal fight surrounding the brain-dead little girl to Nazi death camps and forced abortions in China.

During the week before Christmas, Jahi McMath had gone into a California hospital for a routine tonsil surgery, when catastrophe struck, leaving the little girl brain-dead. Physicians recommended that the family terminate life support and called the coroner to report the death.

A spokesman for Children’s Hospital-Oakland, Sam Singer, stated the child suffered whole-brain death and cardiac arrest during a tonsil surgery and, “[n]o amount of prayer, no amount of hope, no amount of any type of medical procedure will bring her back.”

Her family refused to let their daughter go and argued in court that they should be able to determine what was right for their daughter and when they should turn of the ventilator. They ultimately won a temporary restraining order in California courts to keep Jahi on life support until Jan.7.

During his Jan.4 broadcast, Huckabee used Jahi and her family’s tragic situation to speak against abortion and the dangerous path America now treads, one in which the government steps in to be “equal with God.”

“The road that starts that way in deciding that some lives have less value and are unworthy of protection… leads to a culture that tolerates the undeserved killing of over 55 million unborn children in this country,” Huckabee told the Fox audience. “It leads to China’s birth policy that limits the number of children for a family and enforces forced abortion if they deviate from the state-determined ideal.”

He further compared the battle waged by grieving family to keep their daughter on life support to Nazi Germany.

Speaking of a culture that deems life “expendable” Huckabee noted, “It’s also that culture that allowed the Nazis to hideously justify the savage slaughter of millions of Jews, disabled people, old people and those with mental illness.”

The former governor then encouraged the audience to “hope and pray” that the courts do the right thing in the case of Jahi, whose fate remains uncertain.

Late last week the mother of Jahi, Nailah Winkfield, has announced that plans may be in the work to transfer Jahi to another facility, perhaps in New York, where she hopes the girl will improve.

“I will always fight for Jahi until she is ready to go, her own self,” an emotional Winkfield said of her child. “I can’t play God. She’s going to get better or she’s not, but I see her getting better.”

Photo Credit: Screenshot/Fox News

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