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Pat Robertson: ‘Climate Change is a Joke and Kerry Should Leave the Jews Alone’

Televangelist Pat Robertson was in rare form during the Jan.7 broadcast of the 700 Club, lashing out at John Kerry’s attempts at Middle East peace and insisting climate change is just a joke.

During the show, Robertson warned that Kerry’s attempt at an Israeli-Palestinian reconciliation deal was threatening the “wrath of Almighty God” on America and would bring trouble to the American people. He further encouraged the Secretary of State Kerry to give up his diplomatic efforts and become a kept man.

“I think he ought to stay home, it might be good for him,” Robertson said, “He’s got a rich wife and a lot of money, he ought to spend some of it and do it at home and leave the Jews alone.”

Turning his attention to the current cold-snap that is blanketing much of the United States with dangerously low temperatures, Robertson also accused scientists of pretending to believe in global warming to rake in the cash.

“Think about how much money is involved,” Robertson said of the world scientific community that overwhelming supports climate change. “It’s money, they’re going to get a river of money.”

Robertson, who has no degree in science, did not mention the hundreds of millions of corporate money supporting climate change denial, but did offer his own explanation of global warming. “It’s getting warmer in Jupiter—and they don’t have any SUVs driving around in Jupiter—it has nothing to do with greenhouse gases it has to do with the action of the sun, there’s either too much sun or not enough sun,” Robertson stressed.

The aging televangelist further suggested that climate change was just a conspiracy by liberals and progressives to gain control in America. “Just like with health care, they want control,” he concluded.  “The EPA in America wants control of all of our energy…This is a wonderful way to get control.”

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