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Man Breaks Hunger Strike After Federal Stay Halts Same-Sex Marriage in Utah

On Jan. 6, Utah man Trestin Meacham ended the hunger strike he vowed to continue until  same-sex marriage was nullified in Utah.

Posting a picture of himself eating on Facebook on Monday,  the same day as the Federal courts issued a stay temporarily halting gay marriage in the state, Meacham offered no statement about his decision to end his fast other than a request for more pizza from his fans.

“I’ve been disappointed with the lack of pizza people have sent (only 1) Please feel free to send more today,” Meacham wrote on his Twitter page.

Previously, Meacham had vowed to fight to the death to protect religious freedom and traditional marriage in Utah.

“This is about religious freedom and an out of control federal government,” he said, adding, “A law voted on by a strong majority of the people of Utah was rescinded, thus robbing the people of their voice in government.”

His starvation protest drew sharp criticism from the public in Utah and beyond, a fact Meacham referenced in tweets during his fast as well as a post-fast Facebook rant supporting Evander Holyfield’s recent statement that gayness is a choice.

“They will go after TV stars, athletes, and common people like myself. Any who opposes the agenda or promotes traditional morality are shouted down and made into monsters,” the 35-year-old former political candidate raged. “Most of these people are the kind of people who would taunt a starving man with food and wish him death, as they did me. The kind of thing you might expect from a guard in Pol Pot’s killing fields.”

While Meacham continually demanded that nullification was the only way out, a court intervention, instead of citizen action, actually put the same-sex marriage process on hold in Utah, an action Meacham previously deemed fruitless and illegal on his blog.

“In a few months, the case will still be heard by the same 10th Circuit Court which refused to even issue a stay. Activist judges are not going to solve this problem.  As much as the State wants to shove a square peg in a round hole, it’s not going to work,” he wrote on his blog.  “The only way out of this mess is to do something that will work.  The State has a way of ending this problem right now: The option of nullification.”

Whether through nullification or federal stay, however, same-sex couples married  in Utah now find themselves in a legal limbo until the a final decision is rendered by the courts, effectively halting gay marriage in the state.

“We’re not going to do anything to undo marriages,” Missy Larsen, spokeswoman for Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes said. “If they have a driver’s license with their marital name on it, it stands. But wherever they were in the process, it’s frozen.”

It is unclear if Meacham plans to resume his hunger strike when and if same-sex marriage resumes in the state or if he plans to continue his career as “Chancellor of Excellence” at “I’m too pretty to work,” the occupation listed on his Facebook page.

Photo Credit: Facebook/Trestin Meacham

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