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Garrow: ‘Dead Dolphins Proof Obama Tried to Nuke America’

Right-wing commentator Jim Garrow claims he now has the evidence he needs to prove Obama tried to bomb his own country.  Dolphins, washing off on the shores of the East Coast are, according to Garrow, further evidence of Obama’s conspiracy to commandeer three deadly weapons to nuke America.

Despite the fact the article, which Garrow posted on his Facebook account, clearly links the dolphin deaths to a deadly virus called morbillivirus, the right-wing activist insists the virus is just a cover-up for what is really going on.

The dolphins, Garrow suggests, have been nuked by Obama’s American-killing scheme.

“Do you think that a nuke going off in the deep ocean 560 miles south-east of Charleston South Carolina Oct 7/8 might have done some of this?” Garrow asked his Facebook audience on Jan. 9.

Garrow has long maintained that Obama had a secret plan to attack America but that it was thankfully thwarted by God, who altered the solar patterns that day to prevent the nuclear explosion. He also credits three high-ranking officials for stopping the attack.

“We were saved by three heroes,” Garrow explained on Facebook, adding “one [of the three bombs] detonated off the east coast thanks to a very alert Admiral who is no longer with us.”

Scientists reported that the quake, which was felt in South Carolina on Oct. 8, was not in fact a bomb, but a magnitude 4.5 naturally-occurring earthquake off the east coast of U.S.

Garrow, however, sees Obama’s failed false flag attack and the consequent cover-up as the reason for the people to raise up with a military coup aimed to overthrow Obama by force and restore America to the people.

On a recent airing of the Pete Santili Show, Garrow and host Santili called for the people overtake Obama’s government using any means necessary.

“It was only three percent that actually fought for freedoms and the Republic and the new nation, only three percent,” Garrow said, calling people to act. “All we need is three percent of the population to rise up now and we can control the country.”

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