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Three Gems of Religious Right Wisdom to Kick Off 2014


With talk of the so-called War on Christmas finally ended, during the first weeks of January the religious right turned to more perennial and tested foes, homosexuality and Barack Obama.

Yet not to be outdone by Garrow’s prediction that Obama will be cahoots with aliens, here are three equally outrageous claims made by the religious right to kick off 2014.

Anti-Gay Stoning Float in the Rose Bowl Parade

Generations Radio’s Pastor Dave Buehner was so upset by a Rose Bowl Parade float featuring a gay marriage that he decided to create one of his own. Calling the AIDS Healthcare Foundation float “pro-homosexual propaganda”  that would turn out to “spread AIDS,” he mulled over an anti-gay design for next year’s parade.

“I wonder what the Rose Bowl parade would do if we had the stoning of a homosexual along the parade just as an expression of free speech and all that,” Buehner said on a recent broadcast.

After co-host Kevin Swanson said he thought that Buehner’s float idea would be rejected, Buehner responded, “Well what if the stones were just made like of flowers and flower pedals?”

Same-Sex Marriage Spreads Disease, Will Make Society Cease to Exist

Gay marriage laws will be the downfall of America, according to Liberty Council founder Mat Staver, because apparently, so many people will decide to abandon heterosexual marriage and become gay that disease will take over humanity.

“If you ultimately promoted same-sex marriage and everyone started to go towards same-sex marriage, what would happen to society? It would just simply cease to exist,” he said during a radio interview on VCY America.  “Moreover, you’d have rampant increase in diseases…Same-sex marriage, same-sex relationships is destructive to individuals and it’s destructive to our very social fabric.”

Obama and His Muslim Brotherhood are Controlling the Government (But we don’t have their names)

Bryan Fisher of the American Family Association warned that the reason Obama is “disparaging of Christianity” because “his sympathies are with the Islamic faith.” He further added that the secret-Muslim leader refused to act in Afghanistan because “they were going to be killing Muslims.”

Fox News’ Tom McInerney added fire to this conspiracy theory by claiming that he knew the infiltration of Obama’s so-called Muslim brotherhood went through all levels of the government, even if he did not know their names or how many exactly there are.

“We’ve got Muslim Brotherhood in the U.S. government today,” McInerney said on WMAL radio.  “I haven’t got their names exactly but there’s a list of them, at least 10 or 15 of them in the U.S. government.”

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