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Terry Schiavo’s Brother: ‘Jahi McMath Could Walk out of Hospital One Day’

In an op-ed published in the Washington Times, Bobby Schindler, brother of Terry Schiavo and head of the Terry Schiavo Life and Hope Network defended his foundation’s intervention in the Jahi McMath case and stressed he thinks the 13-year-old is still alive.

Responding to criticism that he, and other pro-life organizations have used the McMath tragedy to promote their own agendas, Schindler pointed out that his group did not approach the family or the media first to seek out involvement in the high profile case.

“We were contacted, and we responded,” Schindler wrote. “We respond because that is our mission — to provide aid, comfort and support for vulnerable persons, and to speak truth to power. No one faces more risk in today’s health care system than our medically vulnerable.”

He continued that, since his team does not have medical expertise, they cannot fully access the likelihood that Jahi McMath’s condition will improve.  However, he emphasized that the choice to remove life support must remain in her parents’ hands alone.

“Jahi’s life has been entrusted to her parents,” he explained. “They are her legal guardians. If they believe she is alive, they ought to have the right to have her transferred to another acute-care facility — if they can find one that will take her.”

Citing the 2008 case of Zack Dunlap, who recovered from a catastrophic brain injury after being declared dead, he continued, “Whether Jahi will walk out of this facility the way Mr. Dunlap did is impossible to know.”

However, even though he acknowledged her chance for full recovery is remote, he insisted that continuing to keeping patient’s like Jahi on life support can help save lives.

“Had my parents had the option the McMaths were given, Terri would be alive today,” he contended, “and, under the right physiatrist and protocols, they could have improved her lifestyle, commonly mislabeled quality of life…How much Terri could have improved, I cannot say. We will simply never know.”

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  • indygeezer

    What a load of crap. Jahi had multiple lengthy apnea tests, where she had no oxygen for over 10 minutes. If you want to know what that’s like, put a plastic bag over your head and seal it around your neck for TEN MINUTES. Then take it off. Did you recover and walk out? No? But Jahi might? Are you that stupid?

    Terri was an unfortunate case of a feeble mind raised by parents with even more feeble minds. Jahi was a case of borderline child abuse by fraudulent ignorant parents who ignored every inconvenient tidbit of reality on their path to destroying the poor child’s chance at a healthy happy life.

    Face it. Had Jahi not died in the hospital, most likely due to the self admitted bunglings of her entitled family, she’d have recovered only to waddle through the declining diabetic haze of morbid obesity while her mother sends her down for more ice-cream sandwiches and momma gets her nails done (or “did” in their parlance).

  • Shellbster

    This is garbage regurgitated from an article posted way back in January.