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Beyond Bridgegate: Three Other Chris Christie Conspiracies You Probably Never Heard Of

As the subpoenas pile up in Chris Christie’s Bridgegate scandal and accusations continue to fly in the Garden State, there is no shortage of controversy surrounding the larger than life New Jersey governor set to officially start his second term on Jan.21.  Yet, even among conservatives, the potential GOP Presidential candidate has caused his share of controversy.  From apologists demanding he is simply too manly for today’s world to those who think he torpedoed Romney’s campaign and would bomb America if he had the chance, Christie’s conspiracy theorists have plenty of thoughts about the colorful Governor.

Here are three conspiracy theories, propagated by the right, that you likely missed.

The Liberal Media is Bullying to Christie By Calling Him a Bully

It is perhaps not at all surprising that some conservative pundits think Chris Christie is simply a misunderstood (and manly) martyr and the victim of a liberal media plot to smear the GOP front-runner.

Fox News pundit Brit Hume defended Christie saying the governor acts like a bully because he is a brawny man, at odds with the ‘feminized world’ that we now live in.

“This guy [Christie] is very much an old-fashioned masculine, muscular guy, and there are political risks associated with that,” Hume said recently, defending the New Jersey governors bully tactics brought to light by Bridgegate. “Maybe it shouldn’t be, but that’s how it is.”

His bullying tactics, though are no match for the real villains, the liberal media.  According to Kathleen Park the leftist media has turned the ‘masculine, muscular governor’ into a political whipping boy in order to draw attention away from the Democrat’s own faults.

“Christie is being unfairly battered by a media all too eager to help defrock the Republican front-runner,” Parker wrote in a Washington Post op-ed.

The “two-faced, pro-Democratic media” she added, have been the mean ones all along. “We tend to treat Republican scandals as more delicious than others,” Parker stressed. “This is owing less to the sins committed than to the greater sin of hypocrisy.”

Christie Got Obama Elected

Brian Ballard, a lobbyist and former finance chairman for Mitt Romney refused to attend a GOP fundraiser held in Florida last weekend featuring the New Jersey governor. Calling Christie a ‘horrible person’, the Romney backer blamed Christie for torpedoing his former bosses’ election campaign for personal gain.

“Charlie Crist got a lot of grief for what was called a hug of Obama. But what Christie did to Obama isn’t suitable to say in a family newspaper,” Ballard said. “I firmly believe he helped swing that election in Obama’s favor just to help himself. I busted my a** for two years raising money and supporting Romney and this guy Christie just wiped his hands of us when we were no longer useful to him.”

He added that he is not alone in his dislike of the governor, speculating 90 percent of former Romney fundraisers and staffers “wouldn’t touch Christie with a 10-foot pole right now.”

Christie Would Bomb America if He Had a Chance (But then again, so would Obama)

Finally, In 1962, a series of false-flag attacks on America aimed to gain support for military action against Cuba were proposed to President John F Kennedy.  Kennedy ultimately rejected the plan, dubbed Operation Northwoods, averting a potential strike on American soil by American troops.

According to Glenn Beck, however, neither Obama nor Christie would be likely to have the fortitude to reject an attack that would cost American lives.

“Is anybody sitting here telling me,” Beck asked, “that Chris Christie or Barack Obama would say that?”

Accusing the two politicians of being self-serving and possibly dangerous to America, Beck then demanded, “If it served their purposes, ends justify the means, I’m not sure Operation Northwoods doesn’t happen.”


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