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Garrow: ‘Obama and Satan Have Teamed Up to Take Down and Destroy America’

In the latest chapter of right-wing fraudster Jim Garrow’s ‘Obama nukes America’ conspiracy theory, the self-proclaimed former government operative told Erik Rush that he recently survived an assassination attempt aimed to silence him and prevent leaks about Obama and Satan’s dastardly plans to take American lives.

According to Garrow, earlier this month a secret Obama assassin invited him to lunch to talk about a plot against the President.  Thankfully, his car did not operate properly, saving him from certain death.

“Jan 2nd becomes the day they try to kill me and the day they try to involve me in a murder plot,” he wrote on his Facebook page, explaining that the would-be assassins tried to tamper with his car. “Now this day is one of the coldest this winter with -22 degree temps. So the cold helped to save my life.”

During Rush’s show, Garrow further stated that he now understands how  lucky he was on that frigid day and that he knows of at least three other former intelligence officers who had not survived Obama’s assassination plot.

“They are being set-up and eliminated,” he told Rush. Then, speaking of his own brush with death (or perhaps a second attempt?) he added, “They tried to kill me a few days ago but it didn’t work because God intervened.”

The secret that Obama is willing to kill him in order to protect, according to Garrow, is the truth about an ill-fated attempt to use nuclear bombs on America in a false-flag attack.  Garrow has claimed he has proof of the plot, as well as other Obama assassinations, including reports of an earthquake off the shores of the eastern United States and a recent spate of dead dolphins washing up on the shores.

In the latest twist, Garrow claims God has now joined forces on his side against the fight against Obama and Lucifer over America’s future. “We are not alone in this fight against lies and Lucifer,” he said during Rush’s radio broadcast, stressing the battle continues with “those people who would like to take down first of all the blessing of God from America but also take down America as an entity on the earth.”

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