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Anti-Abortion Activist: ‘Abortions Don’t Un-Rape Women’

Anti-abortion activist Lila Rose says women who have been raped should be forced to carry their babies to full term if they become pregnant from the attack.  The Live Action president made the shocking claims during a Jan.22 round table featured on CNN Crossfire.

Claiming that she sympathized with woman’s plight, Rose did not deny that rape is a terrible crime against women.  “When a woman is raped, that’s a horrible injustice against her,” she told CNN host Sally Kohn. “The rapist should be held to the fullest extent of the law, liable for that, culpable for that.”

She also agreed that women should take the time to heal from the victimization of the sexual assault. “The woman [who has been raped] needs healing and the support of her community.”

However, Rose made it clear that if a pregnancy resulted from the rape, the woman should not choose to abort and that as any anti-abortion advocate she would support government intervention to remove abortion as an option.

“An abortion doesn’t unrape a woman,” she stressed.  “An abortion just adds more violence on top of that first she endured.”

After a somewhat heated dialogue in which Rose talked over Kohn but gave no clear response to Kohn’s questions, Kohn responded, “You are saying, in effect, that the rapist should have more rights than the woman.”

Rose however, flatly denied that she was giving more rights to the rapist, and went as far as saying that the true injustice was not denying the rape victim’s rights, but the denial of the rights of the unborn fetus, which she claimed should be considered a full human life.

“The rapist isn’t allowed to kill that child either, the rapist isn’t allowed to kill anybody,” Rose demanded, suggesting the rape victim who chose to abort is guilty of murder.

She continued by pointing out, “All abortion is horrific…even in the first trimester,” and called for an end to the violence against unborn children, even those conceived through rape.

“We’re poisoning them, we’re dismembering them, we’re ripping them apart,” Rose said, to emphasize the brutality of abortion she demanded must be stopped.

Photo Credit: Screenshot/CNN

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