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Bishop Who Performed Anti-Gay Exorcism in Illinois Claims He Acted Out of Love, Not Hate

The Catholic Bishop from Illinois who held a rare public exorcism to rid the state of gay marriage last November has come out about his motivations behind the ceremony in an interview with LifeSiteNews. Bishop Thomas Paprocki said that despite those who decried his act as a political stunt and act of hate, it is love that motivated him to try to cast out the evil behind a same-sex lifestyle.

“You really have to understand what love is all about. Love is really to seek the best for people. By being opposed to the redefinition of marriage, and being opposed to things that are sinful, that’s actually a very loving thing,” the Bishop said in an interview filmed for the annual March for Life.

He added that Pope Francis, while still a Cardinal in Argentina, had himself called same-sex marriage, “a machination of the Father of Lies that seeks to confuse and deceive the children of God,” citing a reference to the name for Satan found in the Gospel of John.

In attempting to perform the minor exorcism at the Cathedral last year, then, the Bishop explained he was using the liturgy of the church to expel Satan and the lies of same-sex marriage perpetrated by a liberal media and secular society, in order to expose the untruth for what is truly was.

“The whole idea of ‘two people who love each other should be able to get married’ even if they’re of the same sex,’ well that’s basically a lie. It’s an untruth in terms of the reality of marriage and what marriage is all about,” the Bishop said.

He also stressed that in performing the public exorcism on the day the Illinois governor signed into law same-sex marriage he was acting as a loving father chastising his child.  “When a parent does those things, they’re not being hateful towards their children, they’re actually being very loving by correcting them and showing them the right way to do things,” Paprocki said.

He concluded by encouraging others to stand up to the lies of same-sex marriage and untruths of the gay lifestyle. “We are facing a lot of untruths out there,” he said in the videotaped interview. “We just have to be persistent and courageous in standing up for the truth.”

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