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Need an Exorcism? All You Need is $295 and Access to Skype

An Arizona pastor claims he can rid demons via the internet for anyone who has $295 and access to a Skype account. Bob Larson, an evangelical pastor and founder of the International School of Exorcism says that he has performed over 20,000 rites to help those who believe they are possessed.

Recently, with a CNN crew standing by, Larson fought off the demons tormenting a Norwegian man named David. During the one hour ordeal aired in part on AC360, Larson waved his Bible violently at the camera, held up a cross and ordered the demons to leave the possessed man.

“Judgement strikes you! Judgement strikes you!” Larson shouted at the image of the Norwegian man on his computer screen, who apparently under the influence of the demon screams back, grows and occasionally laughs.

The Norwegian man, who was calm by the ordeal’s end, appeared convinced the demons had fled. Many, though, believe that Larson’s exorcisms are nothing more than theater, dangerous play-acting or even a scam that imitates a real exorcism and prevents those with psychiatric needs from getting the help they truly need.

“They just can’t be done that way, “Reverend Isaac Kramer who heads the International Catholic Association of Exorcists an organization that trains and ordains clergy to perform the rite explained. “If a person is fully possessed, the demon inside of them will not let them site in front of a computer and be exorcised. Chances are, they’re going to throw the computer screen across the room and destroy everything.”

Others point out that Skype exorcist may actually be little more than the modern equivalent of a snake oil salesman and may be luring people in need of help into thinking they are cured.“There’s plenty of evidence that the so-called possessed actually suffer from mental health issues, and that a visit from an exorcist is the functional equivalent to a placebo sugar pill,” Elizabeth Robinson said of the Skype exorcisms in the Daily Dot.

Yet, according to Larson the exorcism and the demon he called Leviathan was very real. “The demon persistently threatened me with chilling curses which I repeatedly canceled by the blood of Christ,” Larson told his followers via blog.

He also called the exorcism “groundbreaking-the first time an internet exorcism has been performed before world media.”

In the blog also advertises his services as “a great way to start the New Year”, Larson also highlighted a success story of one woman, who claimed she was cured by his casting out of demons.

“I feel light, free and airy,” the testimonial of Arin, who believed herself to be tormented for years, read. “I’m so thankful.”

Photo Credit: Screenshot/CNN

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