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Spunky Girl Scout Vows to Still Meet Cookie Goal After Man Pulls Gun on Her During Sale

It’s tough to be a Girl Scout these days. First, conservative groups accused the khaki-clad do-gooders of selling a side of abortion advocacy with this year’s Thin Mints and launched a cookie boycott to stop sales. Now, it is not even safe for the girls to sell their cookies door-to-door.

A California man allegedly drew a gun on a 7-year-old sales girl on Sunday when the girl arrived to sell cookies in front of his Temecula home. According to a Feb. 2 sheriff’s report, 59-year-old John Dodrill opened his front door and immediately pointed the deadly weapon at the child, who was accompanied by her father at the time.

The little girl and her father had no way of knowing that Dodrill, who has had run-ins with the law before, had been released from police custody less than two hours before they arrived. They also did not know when they knocked on his door to sell cookies that he had several weapons in his home, including two rifles and two handguns.

Fortunately, both parent and child were able to escape from Dodrill without harm and quickly called police.

The suspect was ultimately taken into custody without incident and offered no reason for his decision to point a firearm at a Girl Scout.  He is being held on $25,000 bond. Several firearms were also seized from his house after his arrest.

Each year the Girl Scouts host the annual cookie fundraiser, which according to a spokesperson for the local Girl Scouts, help fund the troop projects and activities and Girl Scout programming nationwide and helps each girl learn to set goals and develop leadership skills.

While the little girl involved in the incident was shaken, spokesperson Jua-Nita Houston said the trooper was not be deterred from earning her cookie sales patch by one mean man.

“She set very strong goals for herself, and she’s going to meet those goals,” Houston said of the spunky Girl Scout.

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