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Gay, Disabled or on Welfare? You are Not Welcome at This Oklahoma Restaurant

An Enid, Oklahoma restaurant owner is not backing down after a slew of complaints about his biased and racist service policies surfaced recently on social media. Gary James, owner of Gary’s Chicaros has made it clear unless you are white, have a job, and are not gay or disabled, you are simply not welcome at his small time eatery.

“Well if you work, you own a business, pay your taxes, you’re more than welcome here.” James said about his discriminatory practices.  “If you’re on welfare, stay at home and spend my money, there.”

He also made it clear that people who are gay or disabled are not welcome either. “I’ve been in business 44 years, I think I can spot a freak or a faggot,” he ranted. “I really don’t want gays around. Any man that would compromise his own body would compromise anything,” he ranted.

Despite James’ foul-mouthed business practices, his restaurant has thrived and many customers have kept coming, even becoming regulars, despite his hateful ways. “He doesn’t like certain people of race, color, ethnicity,” long-term customer Matt Gard said, admitting he turned a blind eye when others were turned away.

James has even turned bigotry into a marketing tool, creating an expletive-filled t-shirts promoting his restaurant that also serves as a virtual vocabulary list for the modern bigot, including rude words and threats of violence against African-Americans, gays, Muslims, women and Democrats.

The tides turned, however, when regular Gard starting using a wheelchair and found he was no longer welcome in James’ restaurant.  When Gard took to Facebook to complain, he started a firestorm of complaints from those who had also been discriminated against at Gary’s Chicaros.

“Sorry my disabled grandfather wasn’t good enough for your version of America,” Jonathan Scott Anderson wrote. “I’m sure he would not have fought in World War II if he’d known you’d be offended by his future inability to use his legs.”

Another Facebooker, Leah Bonnie Phillips,  offered this tongue-in check review of the Enid establishment. Gary’s Chiraros is “serving up hatred for 44 years and with a big smile! If you are looking for bigotry served up with “Amurika fries” this is the place for you! (just make sure you aren’t gay, disabled, black or anything other than white) I forgot to mention they have novelty shirts to show your ignorance off in style!”

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  • mikedeb

    My dog has been kicked out of better places. And I suppose a disabled marine would also qualify as not up to his standards and throw him/her out also. A piss poor excuse for a man.

  • Barbara Harrison

    Are there not laws about this? There needs to be a way to make him disabled from selling his food to anyone. Aren’t you people afraid he has dumped some of his hate into your dish? Any person who goes to his place of business is just as bad as he is, and it is a shame that it took one person becoming disabled to discover that.

    • Gregory Kealohalani Young

      Easy way to respond to this. Don’t just boycott the restaurant, picket it. Attack him through social media outlets. Hell, make it a point that he doesn’t want veterans injury in war there. Since he refuses to serve the disabled, this would be a perfect snowball effect.

  • tiedtotheair2

    I thought discrimination in public places was illegal? If I were the people dining there I would be careful. His distributors, suppliers, inspectors, cleaning staff, etc. are in a very good position for some serious karma dishing. Lol!

  • Cindy Kaes Neal

    His restuarant, his choice. However, in my mind, his patrons are a questionable lot.

    • Diane Marie Kubick

      No, actually it isn’t. You cannot discriminate based on color, sexual orientation, disability, etc. He can only deny service to those whom are disruptive, are not dressed appropriately, and other similar circumstances.

      • mundaetraversa

        It is perfectly legal to refuse service to LGBT people. It’s legal to fire them from their jobs for no other reason in 29 states, too. I am NOT saying this because I believe it is right. It isn’t. Just wanting to put punctuation on something that needs to change in our legal system. STAT. This man is despicable, and is certainly breaking the law by refusing service to people of color and people with disabilities.

      • Dorcas George

        Yes you can. It is his business, and he is a private entity. He’s a jerk, of course, and anyone who patronizes his place is too.

  • Chris Klawitter

    Sorry folks, the restaurant is his private property. He has the right, as do all business owners, to refuse service to anyone for any reason. There is no law stating he can not discriminate in his own establishment. Does this mean he will be in business much longer? Yeah, he probably will. There are a lot of people who believe has he does and they will support him simply because of his viewpoint.

    • mundaetraversa

      That is not accurate. It is illegal to refuse service based upon protected characteristics. This includes race and disability status.

    • glogrrl

      Rand Paul….is that you?

  • Rory

    I CAN SEE james now in the bed where people have to feed and clean his nasty behind. Nothing but tears rolling down his face.curseing GOD and praying to die cause he can’t talk or have enough strengh to even kill his self. Day after day his mind be his prison and his sight be his nightmare…. ……44 plus years taxonomic of stupid .WHITE POWER…don’t whole the same weight it use to….I love that james know that.

  • gloria simmons

    i feel the man has the right to his own opinion same as anyone else,he owns the business he should be allowed to have who he wants to patronize it,

  • Jimi Doss

    Im afraid even if this ahole, compromised his body, there would be no takers , , just sayin