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Don’t Mess With Her Bacon! Woman Shoots at McDonald’s After Order Foul-Up

A Michigan woman whose anger over a sandwich topping exploded into violence must settle for prison fare after shooting up a McDonald’s drive-thru. Shaneka Monique Torres is currently in custody after verbally assaulting an employee and opening fire on the restaurant when she did not get bacon on her burger.

The incident began on Feb. 9 when Torres and a friend went through the Grand Rapid’s fast food drive-thru to place their burger orders. When they realized their order was wrong, Torres become angry that her sandwich was missing bacon and phoned the McDonald’s who offered her a free meal.

Then, in the early hours of Feb. 10, Torres and her friend returned to the same McDonald’s.

“She says ‘you know, I have a free meal coming to me, I’ve still got my receipt, I am good to go’ and this started the second interaction,” Pat Merrill of the Grand Rapids Police explained.

After pulling op to the drive-thru for the second time, Torres once again ordered a meal, but when she looked at her sandwich, she realized that once again the bacon was missing.

This time, the 29-year-old, who was seated in the passenger side, verbally assaulted the worker at the drive-thru, pulled out a gun, and opened fire. The pistol shot, aimed into the drive-thru window, sent a live round through the fast food kitchen, where it traveled through the building narrowly missing employees inside. Thankfully, no one was injured.

To add to this bizarre tale, according to Lt. Merrill, just minutes before this attack, an apparently happy Torres had been flirting with a McDonald’s employee in the payment window and had even passed him a number so that they could hook up later after work.

That number was ultimately used by police to track Torres down.  Facing felony charges for her bacon blow-up, Torres now sits in the county jail on $50,000 bond.

When asked the reason for the violent outburst, Lt. Merrill told a local reporter Torres’ crime appears to have one single motivation, a missing topping.  “Bacon,” Lt. Merrill said was the sole reason for the attack.

Photo Credit: Screenshot/Wood-TV

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