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Ralph Reed: ‘God Helped Me Learn Obama Was a Fraud in 1997’

A former Bush-Cheney campaign advisor has known for 17 years that Barack Obama is a fraud. Ralph Reed, the founder of the Faith and Freedom Coalition recently announced that in 1997, God nudged his path so that Obama’s true nature could be revealed and he has kept it secret ever since.

That is, until it was time to publicize his new book. In a teaser promo for Awakening, which includes a chapter on Obama’s plan to “transform America into something different than it was when he took office,” Reed finally described how God led his path so that he could meet the future President at Harvard in the late 1990’s.

Speaking directly to the camera, Reed testified that through a “divine appointment”, he found himself at Harvard, where he was joined by Barack Obama for a working group on civic engagement.

Soon after meeting the young politician, Reed said he learned first-hand just how dangerous this out-of-box future President truly was.

He was “the most liberal and the most out of the mainstream politician I had ever met in my career who could be considered viable at the ballot box,” Reed claimed.

Reed added that even in the 90’s, the freshman Senator was using his skills in public speaking and oration to hide his true intentions and views.

Skilled in flowery, inclusive rhetoric, Reed noted, Obama knowingly used his powers of persuasion “to obscure rather than to reveal who he really was and what he really believed.”

The Faith and Freedom Coalition stopped his story there, failing to explain why he decided to stay mum through two Presidential elections before telling the truth about Obama now.

He did, however, make it clear, that those wanted to know the full extent of the secrets about Obama revealed to him during the Harvard meeting would simply have to buy the book.

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