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Anti-Gay Activist: ‘Valentine’s Day is Only for Straight People, You Can Thank God for That’

Same sex couples have no business celebrating Valentine’s Day, according to Randy Thomasson. The head of the anti-gay advocacy group Save California announced in a recent podcast that the day of romance was intended only for people who are straight.

“Valentine’s Day: It’s only for one man and one woman,” Thomasson said in the one-minute sermon. “No matter what unconstitutional judges, corrupt politicians or even foolish voters say, marriage is and will always be only for one man and for one woman.”

As proof of his anti-gay claims, Thomasson pointed to the fact that a man and a woman’s genitalia are “physically designed for each other,” something he said doctors and biologists understand. He continued by stressing “even plumbers know the difference between male and female.”

He added that this biological compatibility is reinforced in the Bible, pointing out the Matthew 19 Jesus speaks of a man leaving his home to “be joined to his wife.”

This, he said, makes, “God’s word as clear as day,” that “marriage and romantic love are naturally only between one man and one woman, and you can thank God for that.”

While the focus on genital compatibility may appear to be an odd argument against same-sex couples sharing a romantic dinner or giving one another a heart-shaped box of chocolates, his anti-Valentine’s Day stance is actually an extension of the Save California campaign’s primary message-homosexuality is not ‘natural.’

Deemed a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, Thomasson and his campaign outright deny that people can be born gay or that homosexuality should be protected under the law, and points to testimonials on his site of those who have ‘prayed away the gay’ as proof.

“Without any reputable evidence, the entertainment culture, uneducated media, and sexual activists have seduced today’s teenagers, in particular, to believe that people are born homosexual,” the Save California site reads, encouraging those in the LGBT community to seek out help for their ‘unnatural’ affliction.

Thomasson has also stated publicly that the LGBT community should remain in the closet, and their existence and  participation in society (and apparently Valentine’s Day) “means roping children into unhealthy and unnatural homosexual-bisexual-transsexual lifestyles, and eliminating the God-given, constitutional rights of everyone who disagrees.”

Photo Credit: Philippe Leroyer/Creative Commons

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