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Fox News Guest: ‘Skip the Pity Valentines, Kindergarten Kids Need to Know the World is Not Fair’

Apparently, it is never too early to learn life is unfair. In a rant about a note sent to parents of kindergarteners asking them to bring Valentines for all of their classmates, Fox News guest Elizabeth Esther said that it is about time we make sure the unpopular kid in the back of the room does not get a ‘pity Valentine’ this year.

“You can’t make life 100 percent fair,” Esther stressed. “And why not let them experience a little of that, like, ‘Wow, okay,’ while they’re young and the stakes are low rather when they’re 20 years old and they’re still expecting everyone to give them a Valentines.”

She also said that getting a ‘pity Valentine’ does not help because unpopular kids know they don’t deserve it.  “That doesn’t feel any better,” she told host Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

Esther also demanded that the policy of giving every child a Valentine was actually robbing some children of a cherished childhood memory of picking out only those that they liked best in their class to give out, special, creative holiday cards.

“To just robotically hand out, ‘Here’s your Valentine, here’s your Valentine.’ Like, what are we?” Esther rambled. “It totally removes the meaning, the special memory for the kids.”

Yet, according to parenting expert Jessica Gottlieb, who also appeared on the segment, a kindergarten Valentine’s Day celebration may not be the best place for kids to feel like they have been left out yet again.

She stressed that giving Valentines to every student was a long-standing policy not unique to that one school and she “was sure that it does feel better” when every child is included.

Gottlieb also said for those 5-year-olds Esther hopes to teach that life is not fair, there is plenty of time to learn that harsh lesson in their everyday lives.

“Believe me, they experience plenty of rejection day in and day out,” Gottlieb said. “There’s absolutely no reason to be excluding them…it would be insanely cruel to me.”

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