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Outrageous Right-Wing Rant: ‘Shirley Temple Black’s Death Virtually Unnoticed Because She Did Not Twerk’

Grove City College professor Paul Kengor recently lamented that America’s ‘ungodly’ obsessions with twerking and Miley Cyrus are leading to the downfall of the nation. The proof, he claimed, is that Americans failed to pay proper tribute to  squeaky clean child star and diplomat Shirley Temple Black’s death.

Black died one week ago at age 85 at her home in California. In tribute to the former child star and lifelong Republican supporter, the New York Times ran a feature-length article and memorial photo gallery, NPR ran a feature on the star and her Bojangles co-star, and the Washington Post emphasized Black’s political achievements in their memorial post.

People Magazine also ran a featured story in which Black’s family thanked the millions of fans for their support.

“Our family is so appreciative of the amazing outpouring of affection for our beloved mother, grandmother and great-grandmother,” the family told said in a statement to the magazine.

Yet according to Kengor, the death of Shirley Temple Black went virtually unreported. “Reports on her death were easy to miss,” he wrote. “I went through my usual scan of various websites and saw nothing. I fortunately caught a buried “Shirley Temple, R.I.P.” by a writer at a political website,” he said.

He continued by claiming that the reason no one paid any attention to Black’s passing was that the country is too self-involved with ‘ungodly’ interests.

“Our culture is too obsessed with Miley Cyrus and gay marriage to give proper recognition to a woman who was one of the most acclaimed, respected, and even cherished Americans, a household name to children and adults alike,” Kengor stressed.

He concluded that the reason Black was not honored was that unlike today’s stars, she did not give into the current craze of cultural depravity and twerking.

“Shirley doesn’t pole dance or “twerk.” She doesn’t do a darling little strip tease for the boys while singing ‘Good Ship, Lollipop.’” he noted, pointing out that her clean-cut style put her out of step with American culture today.

“Had Shirley Temple died 50 years ago, or even 30 years ago, the country would have stopped,” Kengor demanded. “It would have been the lead in every newspaper,” he continued, in an attempt to link the child star’s passing to his argument on the decline of American values.

Photo Credit: National Archives and Record Administration

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