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Satanists: ‘Satanism Does Not Condone Murder, Craigslist Killer Not One of Us’

Satanists want make something perfectly clear-Miranda Barbour, the so-called Craigslist killer, is not one of them.

“According to our records, we have never had any contact from this woman, nor her accomplice,” said Magus Peter Gilmore, head priest of the Church of Satan. “It seems to me that she is calling herself a member of a ‘satanic cult,’ not a legally incorporated above-ground form of satanism.”

Lucien Greaves, whose Satanic Temple recently made headlines for its plans to install a satanic goat statue on public property in Oklahoma, added that Barbour’s story is likely no more than the delusional fiction of an attention-seeking young adult.

“Barbour seems bent on displaying herself as prolific murderer and absolute monster, and her ‘satanism’ seems nothing more than another transparent effort to aid in this campaign of reverse,”Greaves said of the 19-year-old, who is claiming to have killed over 22 people in a satan-inspired rampage.

“It must be remembered that ‘the Devil made me do it’ excuse far predates any written doctrine of satanism, and I feel certain that Barbour’s own relationship with any organized satanism will turn out to be vague or non-existent,” he added.

Like the satanist leaders, law enforcement and other authorities are also beginning to doubt the young woman’s story and say her fantastic tale is raising false hope among families with lost loved ones.

“Anytime anything like this happens, we start getting e-mails and phone calls. I started getting texts last night,” Monica Caison, who heads a North Carolina missing persons group, said, pointing out that it is cruel to mislead grieving families eager to grasp on any hope of find their loved ones.

She added that she doubts Barbour truly committed so many crimes.”That’s a lot of people to kill in such a short time, and being so young and never making a mistake, I’m hard pressed to believe that amount,” Caison stressed.

The satanist leaders also said that Barbour’s claims throw false suspicion on the satanist community, which is a peaceful group that does not condone breaking the law or committing murder.

“As we’ve said time and again, satanism is a law and order philosophy, and we consider that the punishment should fit in kind and degree the crimes committed,” Gilmore explained. “Murderers deserve to be punished to the full extent of the law.”

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