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Woman to Police: ‘Jesus Christ Placed My Infant on the Train Tracks to Die’

A Colorado woman is blaming Jesus for putting her infant on the railroad tracks in front of an approaching train. Jessica Sloan, who appeared in front of the Pueblo courts for the first time this week to answer to attempted murder charges, told the authorities that her child was in God’s hands at the time of incident.

According to a report on KKTV, Sloan told investigators that “Jesus Christ pulled the baby from her arms and put the baby on the tracks,” and that “God Jehovah told her everything was going to be okay.”

Terrified witnesses say Sloan placed the infant on the tracks in front of train at approximately 2:15 on Friday. Sloan then ran away leaving her child on the tracks to die.

“I thought this there’s no way this could be a baby. I said this has to be a doll. She has to be in on some joke,” one witness said, unable to believe what they just saw.

Eduardo Fontes admitted when he saw the newborn on the tracks, “I was freaking out.” Quickly springing into action, Fontes tried to raise alarm and notify others that the infant was in danger. “On the first car, I knocked on their window and was like hey man this woman just left her baby. The baby is on the tracks right next to the train.”

Others chased Sloan and prevented her from fleeing until the police could arrive. Fortunately, thanks to the quick thinking of the train conductor and bystanders, the child was unharmed in the incident. After being checked out at the local hospital the little girl is now in foster care.

Although Sloan was incoherent at the time of her arrest, officers say that the woman was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time. She did have a number of outstanding warrants, including one for theft. She is currently being held on $500,000 bond.

Photo Credit: Pueblo County Sheriff’s Department




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