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Utah Mom Buys Entire Stock of Vulgar T-Shirts to Protest Store’s Tawdry Display

A Utah woman has decided to protest a national chain’s ‘pornographic’ t-shirts by buying their entire stock.

Judy Cox of Oram noticed the “Visual” line of shirts, featuring scantily clad women, while walking past the University Mall PacSun store during a birthday trip with her teenage son. Offended by the clothes and the indecent display, Cox first asked the store manager to remove the items.

“I had a conversation with the store manager,” Cox said. “She said she did refuse to put the accompanying banner up with the display because it was much worse, but that she couldn’t take down the T-shirts without talking to her corporate office, but the promo was over Wednesday anyway.”

According to Cox, the manager also told her that she had already warned the corporate office that the tawdry tees and promotional material, “might not go over well” in the conservative Utah community where the store is located.

Frustrated by the manager’s inability to immediately take down the display, Cox decided to take matters in her own hands and purchased every last offensive t-shirt from the store including the displays, for a bill totaling $567.

She also complained to mall management about the vulgar display and items.

“This is hard to police because of freedom of speech,”Rob Kallas, mall manager, said in response to Cox’s concern over the line of t-shirts. “I’ve talked with the local manager.” He added that ultimately the complaint is up to the city manager to decide and “we are watching it closely.”

Cox, however, was unhappy with the mall manager’s response and vowed to have the matter resolved one way or another. “That sounds all well and good,” Cox claimed. “But why would they have to go to the city attorney when it’s obviously against the mall lease?”

To help with the fight, Cox has contacted Women for Decency and One Million Moms, organizations that are actively involved in promoting decency in American culture and working to product immodest retail advertising and items.

She also plans to return the shirts to the store well after the promotion is over, sticking PacSun with the tees. “I’ll let their corporate office figure out what to do with them when I return them on day 59 of a 60-day return policy,” the angry shopper told the local paper.

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