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College Security Arrested after Lewd Act with College Staffer’s Shoe

A Concordia University employee was arrested for taking a shoe from a colleague’s office and using it to pleasure himself. Timothy Margis, security director at the Chicago campus of the Christian college, was suspected after the woman noticed a ‘clear liquid’ in her shoe after an unusual brush-up with Margis.

According to the police report, on Feb. 10 the woman saw Margis exiting her office at about 9:30 pm. When she asked him why he was there, the security director told the woman he was simply making sure the office was secured after the door had been left unlocked.

The woman, however, doubted the claims because she noticed Margis was pulling up his pants and fastening his belt as he left. Then she noticed the liquid in the shoe.

Unnerved, the woman contacted police who interviewed Margis on Feb. 12 in his home. Under police questioning, the college security director admitted to his crime and he was ultimately charged two misdemeanor offenses of public indecency and disorderly conduct and was released on $150 bail.

Responding to the allegations against Margis, a spokesperson from Concordia University-Chicago reported that based on available evidence there appeared to be no prior relationship between Margis and the unnamed woman whose shoe was violated. They also stressed that as soon as the incident was known to the college, they took immediate steps to protect both staff and students at the school.

“At that point the employee was suspended and banned immediately from campus,” Eric Matanyi, spokesperson for Concordia University-Chicago said. “We cooperated fully with the investigation and he was terminated on Feb. 13 for misconduct, less than 24 hours later.”

The college likewise immediately removed Timothy Margis information from the staff listings on its website.

The incident, which was reported only as a lewd act in the Chicago News broadcasts, has since been widely mocked on the internet and has even garnered an off-color animated reenactment from Taiwanese-based animation studio Tomo News which compared the evidence in the case to the Monica Lewinsky scandal and joked they hoped the woman’s shoes were not a good pair, because that stuff stains.

Photo Credit: Screenshot/Tomo News



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