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GOP Candidate Who Posted Crime Victim X-Ray ‘Souvenirs’ from Medical Residency on Facebook Says He is Being Vilifed

GOP candidate Milton Wolf is still not apologizing for posting gruesome pictures of mortal head wounds and other serious gunshot injuries from his residency at Truman Medical Center. Instead, the Topeka radiologist currently running for the GOP senate nomination maintains that the detailed x-rays were intended to be educational and the uproar surrounding the images is an attack on his character.

Insisting that the images did not need permission before posting on Facebook since they did not clearly identify the victim,  the Tea Party-leaning Wolf demanded he did nothing wrong. “It’s an educational thing for people,” Wolf said of the graphic images posted to his personal page.

He also stressed that displaying the images aimed at helping the public understand the result of crime.“You know, there are real consequences to some of the evil out there in the world and some of the tragedies that are out there in the world. Do you think there would be so many of these tragedies if people saw the consequences of them?” he said, adding, “I take my charge of being a doctor very seriously.”

Yet, few in the medical community are convinced that Wolf’s intention was truly educational, especially given the macabre banter poking fun of the victims that he readily engaged in with his Facebook friends underneath the graphic images.

“One of my all-time favorites,” Wolf wrote next to one image of a person whose skull had been blown apart by gunfire. “From my residency days there was a pretty active ‘knife and gun club’ at Truman Medical Center. What kind of gun blows somebody’s head completely off? I’ve got to get one of those.”

Later, in the comments, he wrote, “It reminds (me) of the scene from ‘Terminator 2’ when they shoot the liquid metal terminator guy in the face at close range and it kind of splits him open temporarily almost like a flower blooming. We all find beauty in different things.”

Fellow Republican Barbara Bollier, who is also a physician, said Wolf’s behavior was breach of medical ethics that should be reported.  She also added that posting images to a private social media account and mocking patient’s death was not  appropriate in the profession. “I’ve never heard of another physician doing this.”

For his part, Wolf believes that the concern about the posts is actually an attack on his character and his profession, engineered by political rival Pat Roberts. “The attack will not only target me,” Wolf said, “but will, through its implications, cast a wider net to vilify all doctors.”

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