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CNN Guest to Republican: ‘Is This Your Faith or Are You Wrapping Your Homophobia Around the Bible’

During Tuesday night’s ‘Crossfire’ on CNN, guest LZ Granderson skewered former Republican candidate Ken Cuccinelli for his support of Arizona’s SB 1062, a measured which, if not vetoed by the Governor, will allow discrimination against the LGBT community and denial of services based on a person’s religious beliefs.

Referencing recent lawsuits over businesses denying services to the LGBT community, Cuccinelli blamed “plantiffs who assaulted legally these people who just wanted to be safe in their faith” for the need to protect religious freedom. He also defended the bill by stressing that the legislation is aimed at protecting those who feel they are being denied religious freedom by associating with the gay community.

“Are you okay with violating people’s faith?” he asked the Crossfire panel.

Jumping into discussion, CNN guest Granderson said, “What are you talking about? That is just straight up, plain, nothing but discrimination.”

Then, the journalist and advocate for the LGBT community, who is also a Christian,  took Cuccinelli to task for using his Christian faith to defend his homophobic claims and trying to do so in the name of ‘religious freedom.’

“Let’s be real clear, this is not about religion, this is about the Christian faith,” Granderson continued, “Where does it say in the Christian bible does Jesus say ‘no’ to people?”

He then demanded of Cuccinelli, “Are you wrapping your homophobia around the Bible and trying to find scripture to justify your homophobia? Just because you’re uncomfortable with something does not mean it’s against your religious faith.”

“And just because you disagree with me doesn’t mean I’m a homophobe, does it?” Cuccinelli replied during the heated discussion. “Will you agree to that?”

“We all know your history,” Granderson responded to Cuccinelli, referring to statements he made against the so-called “homosexual agenda” that accused gays of destroying both their body and soul. “You’ve made several remarks over the years that I would classify as homophobic. I would say you, personally, are probably a homophobe. ”

A frustrated Cuccinelli then complained that Granderson’s bias against him had made him unable to express his views. “So you walked in at the beginning of the discussion and said I’m a bigot, so my position doesn’t count?” Cuccinelli whined.

In response, Granderson said, based on prior comments that Cuccinelli made against the gay community, he felt that it could safely assume he was, in fact, no friend of the  LGBT community and his defense the Arizona measure that would discriminate against the LGBT community was far more bigotry than faith.



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