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Tom DeLay: ‘Americans Forget the Constitution Was Written by God’

In an interview hosted by conservative broadcaster Matthew Hagee, former Republican House Leader Tom DeLay, who is currently on a media campaign to promote his new crusade against a lack of morality in politics, spoke of the biblical roots of the American Constitution and government.

“There isn’t a more American ideal than to impact society, do good for others  and do it in the name of God,” host Hagee said to the prominent Republican. “Where did we get off of that track?”

DeLay responded by telling Hagee that the trouble began “back when we allowed our government to become a secular government.”

He said that the American people have stopped giving credit to God for America’s origins and “that God created this nation [and] that He wrote the Constitution, that it’s based on biblical principles.”

Blaming secularists from driving faith from government he stressed the nation has allowed non-believers to “push us further and further away”  from a faith-filled government and believers need  “stand up and  be unashamedly a follower of Jesus Christ” and push for Christian values in our society.

Speaking of his time in the House of Representative, DeLay said that when he was a leader he encouraged members of Congress to attend bible studies and “even sealed off the rotunda of the capital thinking of all people the leaders of the nation need to take 2 Chronicles 7:14.” In the sealed off government building, he encouraged members of Congress to get down on their knees and “seek the face of God.”

Now, DeLay, who was convicted of money laundering charges in 2005, is calling for a faith-lobbying initiative to restore morality in politics through “prayer intercessors approaching members of Congress and state legislatures offering to pray with them and for them.”

Dubbed the Josiah Project, DeLay said the project is intended to preserve the Constitution as a document of faith. “The Constitution is based upon a higher authority. This government cannot exist in the future if we give that up and put man as the higher authority,” DeLay said. “We need that higher authority and the truth that comes from that higher authority in order for us to survive. Otherwise we’ll find ourselves where we are where man gets to define what truth is and everything crumbles.”

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