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Farah: Blame the ‘Homosexualist Religious Cult’ for the Assault on First Amendment Rights

In yet another right-wing rant fuming over the veto of Arizona’s SB 1062, WorldNetDaily editor Joseph Farah warned in his column that “soon the land of the free will no longer be,” thanks to the group of ‘homosexualists’ who aim to trample First Amendment rights.

“The homosexualists, who, whether they admit or not, are part of a religious cult themselves, went to work.” he said of the bill’s veto.  “Their friends in the media joined in the chorus, proclaiming the law would create Jim Crow-style situations in which a class of people would be denied service at lunch counters. And Jan Brewer vetoed the bill.”

He then stressed that he sees nothing wrong with discriminating against people based on their ‘behavior,’ suggesting that persons who do not meet traditional standards of gender conformity should not be considered equally in the workplace or other situations.

“Let’s say a male job applicant wearing a dress comes for an interview at your office. Should you be forced to weigh his credentials and experience on an equal basis with others who are dressed more conventionally?” he asked. “I don’t think so.”

He then pointed out that every day people who act on their ‘moral conscience’ for responding to other people’s ‘behavior’ have been hit with big fines, threatened with imprisonment, and forced out of business for their religious convictions, violating their First Amendment Rights.

“On almost a daily basis now we’re seeing one more nail in the coffin of the First Amendment,” he wrote, ironically calling for a level-headed discussion of the matter of discrimination vs. religious rights. “It’s time for a free and open national dialogue on these issues without the hysterics.”

He concluded his rant by asking members of the LGBT community to simply acknowledge their business is not welcome in some establishments and shop elsewhere. “For heaven’s sake, if you want a wedding cake with two men on the top layer, hire a baker who thinks it’s cute,” he advised. “Don’t pick the one with the fish on the window. And don’t kill the First Amendment over it.”

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