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Convicted Felon ‘Dr. Mike’ Offering ‘Jesus Shots’ in Oklahoma for $300 a Pop

Oklahoma physician ‘Dr. Mike’ has been injecting his patients with a miracle cure he claims will stop all their ills. The self-claimed former military special agent doctor, Dr. Mike sells his mysterious ‘Jesus Shot’ for $300 a pop to people all around his small Oklahoma town, including making deals to provide the cure to workers in the nearby oilfields.

Dr. Mike’s mysterious cure-all, as well as his suspicious back story, has not gone unnoticed by local Woodward residents. Last month, one woman took to Facebook  to question the veracity of Dr. Mike’s claims.

“Nobody knows anything about this guy,” one local woman wrote, “but he claims that he is a Former Special Forces Doctor and him and another Special Forces Doctor developed a serum for the military called Jesus Juice and it has been used in the military for years and it cures any ailment.”

She added that,  “some of the oilfield companies are actually paying this guy to come to their work and explain this shot to the workers and letting this man charge their employees $300 to inject them with this [expletive].”

As it turns out, the locals have reason for their suspicions. Dr. Mike’s real name is John Michael Lonergan and he is convicted felon, who was charged with, among other things, healthcare fraud. After his 2005 trial, Lonergan, who had been a physician in Ohio, lost his license to practice medicine in the state forever.

After serving his time on the felony charges,  Lonergan moved to Oklahoma where the medical board voted to grant him a provisional license to once again practice medicine on a supervised basis. Although that agreement ended in March 2013, he was still allowed to practice medicine for another 12 months, unsupervised.

Apparently, Dr. Mike has been using this time to inject unsuspecting Oklahoma residents with his mysterious ‘Jesus shot’, pocketing $300 for the drug that it not only unregulated, but not even readily identifiable.

When clinic medical director Barbie Schrick was asked what Dr. Lonergan was injecting into his patients, Schrick admitted while Lonergan worked at the clinic part-time, she had no idea.

“You would have to sit down for a consultation with [Lonergan]. I do not know what the formula is,” Schrick told the local news.

She did however, thank the news for letting her know of her part-time employees clinical habits.

“I am so glad you’re telling me about this,” Schrick said. “Thank God for the news that investigates and finds things out for people. Thank you.”

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