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Hagee: ‘Ukraine Unrest is Ushering in the End Times’

Christian Zionist pastor John Hagee took to the airwaves yesterday to warn that the unrest in the Ukraine will lead to the ushering in the End Times. During his “Hagee Hotline” broadcast, the right-wing pastor explained that Russia is re-emerging as a superpower in fulfillment of a biblical prophesy that will spell doom for humanity.

“What you are seeing happening on the television screen is the Russian bear coming back to life, wanting to be a global super power,” Hagee told his TBN audience. “It’s going to take all of the nations it can with them and there will be, at some point in the future, a land invasion led by the Russians.”

He added that Russia will not stop there. Joined by Germany, Turkey, Libya, and various Arab nations as “clearly said” in the Bible, Hagee predicted that Russia will next invade Israel, setting off the powder keg that will set into action the End Times.

He continued that, just like in Ezekiel 38 prophecy, Russia’s leaders are Gog and Russia is the far north land of Magog, the nation that God turns against. As a result, the Russia’s invasion of the Jewish homeland will come at an extensive price to the joint-Russian forces.

Massive earthquakes, a hail storm and confusion among the Russian-mustered troops will cost five out of every six soldiers, according to Hagee, who has previously attributed the 9/11 attacks and the 2008 financial downturn to God’s will. He pointed out that the deaths and suffering will be God’s retribution on the Russian Magog as prophesied in the Old Testament text.

Despite the high toll on life on the Russian invaders, however, Hagee told his audience that God will not turn on Israel. “Israel is going to be victorious and defended by the hand of God,” he said, echoing the biblical predictions he believes have already been set in motion by the Ukraine unrest.

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