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Huckabee: ‘God’s Hand Created America, There is No Other Way to Explain U.S. History’

Mike Huckabee used his 10 minutes at the CPAC podium on Friday to preach about God, family values and the divine hand that created America and may one day destroy it if the nation does not bow down to “our God.”

“These are the things that I know, the former Arkansas governor and current talk show host told the audience. “I know there is a God and I know that this nation would not exist had he not been the midwife of its birth.”

He added that he also knew that the nation only continued to exist because of the providence of God’s hand and “if this nation forgets our God, then God will have every right to forget us.”

Sticking closely to the family values script, the front-runner for the GOP presidential nomination also stressed the ways the American people have gone astray from God, calling a nation that allows abortion, “no better than the Philistines,” and demanding, in a nod to Arizona SB1062, that when people of faith are being asked to limit their beliefs so it does not interfere with others then the government should be forced to scale back and “religious liberty should be unimpeded in this nation.”

The Baptist preacher and Fox News host further called for America to turn against the ‘politically correct’ talk of the people with megaphones and repent in order to avoid God’s fiery wrath upon America.

“There is no other way to explain our history other than by His hand of providence,” his said to the applause of the CPAC crowd.

He added that despite the fact that the nation finds itself in turmoil, most Americans know of the nation’s divinely-crafted roots.  “Deep down in our hearts” Huckabee preached on,”most Americans know this to be true.”

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  • Earl Lee

    Hmmmm….so slavery GODS HANDS?

    • Thomas W. Yale

      And every other atrocity this nation has committed. God created people, but It’s mainly people’s imperfect actions.

  • George O’Hagan

    You know they have meds for people like him now.

    • Thomas W. Yale

      Getting them to admit they have a problem and to take them, that’s the problem.

  • Patrick John Blackburn

    Actually, this nation was created primarily by a privileged elite (the “founding fathers”) who didn’t want to pay (taxes) for the Indian wars they were constantly provoking by their incursions on Indian lands despite treaties made by their government. In London.

  • FalconTypo

    Hee hee… let the Huckabee spout. He’s killin’ his own campaign with every word.

  • youmustgo

    What this poor man does not understand is that God lives and breathes through every single ome of us! People like him have turned millions away from the truth of that simple fact by trying toimpose a mystical “being” on us, pushing their own diabolical purposes instead of that which would serve good for ALL. In unifying, we can defeat those who wish to control us touting dieties that do not exist. We exist. We love ALL. We care about &the value every single life -we not just those who can give us money or votes. ALL. And we want what serves ALL, not just some. If you believe in love, you believe in the example of Jesus Christ, because they are one in the same. The love in everyone for everyone is one in the same as that of Jesus. It is not exclusionary, it does not discriminate, it does not hate the sin love the sinner. It only love through us. For us. This man is a charlaitan. We decide our own destiny, which is why God can be either malevolent or benevolent, which any one of us could be either at different times i n our lives. Collecively. Peace to you.

  • Rita Smith

    Ah,Attention Mr. Huckabee – many people actually believe that God created the whole universe – scientists and historians believe this includes America – but then Republicans don’t believe in science and they love to rewrite history. CPAC speakers have a problem remembering history correctly, as what is actually written by our Founding Fathers, you know, the part that says “All men are created equal” etc, etc. They should try to remember this as they go about changing state laws hoping to eliminate those who would vote against their candidates in 2014. What a pity the GOP can’t run candidates who could win by the quality of their character and integrity and not by voter fraud.

  • Maui_Mike

    What a delusional nut, yes an invisible wizard who lives in the sky is pulling the strings…..and he requires us to bow to him….or he may destroy us, he’s just that way….incredible!

  • Anita

    The trouble with to many of these sites is they do not play the tapes and are skued to make everyone look bad from the oposing parties.. You go on sites against Dem’s & find the same things being said about Democrats … Give me the actual Tapes of people saying what they are saying in full then ask for comments.. not just comments of what is reported that like in this case a Talk Show Host X governer… The GOP is big on Family values & less Gov. involvment & budget control but not all extremest. The Dem’s are big on Govermnent involvment & Welfare, & Social programs & have people who they wish they didn’t as wellt .. In the end we can only hope that their is a balance that both sides can live with. We are in the middle of extreem Stress & Emotions with what is currently happening in the US both home & overseas, With one unfinished war, Russia & the Ukrain battling, China waiting for us to do something they can use to do us harm (reminding everyone China hold most of our debt & could crash the US dollar over night)… it’s not the time to fight amoung ourselves about what one stupid person said or didn’t but it is time to pull all of our acts together for what is the good of our country. Get our kids better educated, parent involvment, insist on better teachers. devote our classtime to actual learning, things like Shop, home ec. Chior.. make them after school activities like other countries, actually challenge our children to learn math, sicence, history & the skils they will need in the world today. Last month I wanted to exchange a purchse & their was a price difference, the register was down, the cashier in her late teens was unable to do the math & asked another for assistance, neither could do basic math on paper. I watched a interview on a college campus last night, they asked several students what the Bill Of Rights was, nobody knew the answer, or asked to give just two rights only one person was able to answer but could only give one out of 10. We are now 24th in the world in education & isted as 46th in freedom… We import the the top sicentests,mathematicians & Doctors from other countries. The US today is listed 46th in freedom & 24th in Education… Instead of bickring on who said what it’s time we pull together & fix our country or we wont have one much longer

    • You could have clicked the link and watched his speech in the time it took you to write that.

      • Anita

        At least I took the time to actually voice my opinion & not just make usless posts

        • I would argue that complaining about the site not playing the whole speech, when there is a clear and present link to the whole speech, is pretty darned useless.

          • Anita

            I believev you missed my point entirely

    • Kathi Geukes

      Sweetie….I hate to rain on your parade, but I couldn’t even finish reading what you wrote because of all the mistakes in your writing…PLEASE use spell check next time before you post….:)

      • Anita

        I am extreamly dysletic, spell check is no help

  • gdad

    Please, please let the Repubs nominate somebody like this religious nutcase. Easy win for the Dems.

  • Kathi Geukes

    I really don’t think that someone who makes money telling lies about what God “did” or didn’t do should be spouting anything to prove anything he says….can’t stand this person….nothing but a blowhard…..