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Alabama Tea Party Leader: ‘Voting For Common Core Will Cost Your Eternal Salvation’

An Alabama Tea Party member told members of the state senate that their eternal salvation was at risk if they chose to adopt the Common Core standards. The remarks, made at a Mar. 11 public hearing on the adoption of the national education standards, accused the curriculum of being anti-Christian and damaging to young minds who would be forced to learn about homosexuality, social justice and other sins.

Caught on tape by a  Barbour county resident and posted to YouTube, the video shows local Tea Party leader and pastor Terry Batton ranting about the dangers of the Common Core standards.

“We don’t want  our children to be taught to be anti-Christian, anti-Catholic and anti-American,” Batton told the four state committee members in attendance. “We don’t want our children to lose their innocence, beginning in preschool or kindergarten, told that homosexuality is okay and should be experienced at an early age and that same-sex marriages are okay.”

He added that the national curriculum guide would destroy families and biblical values. “The curriculum and the producers thereof of Common Core are against the principles of faith, family and freedom, when you take in the social justice values aspect,” he preached on. “Common Core, if allowed to go forward, will dilute and erode the power and influence of biblical principles in the hearts and minds of our precious children.”

Derailing the social justice component of the curriculum as a far-left subversive strategy that erroneously teaches children that American society can be unjust, he added, “Social justice materials typically include far-left proposals such as acceptance of homosexuality, alternate lifestyles, radical feminism, abortion, illegal immigration and the redistribution of wealth.”

He concluded his diatribe by warning the legislators that if they did not reject the Common Core, then their salvation, as well as the salvation of the children of Alabama may be at risk.

“Do you want this on your record when you come to the End of Days, knowing the Master Teacher said, ‘As much as you’ve done to the little ones, you’ve done it unto me’?” the pastor and Tea Party leader told the legislators at the hearing.

Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube video by Mia Raven


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