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Right-Wing Pundit: ‘Wake Up! America Has Been Overthrown by the Nazis’

Last month, far-right pundit Rick Wiles proclaimed that Russia is a far freer country than America is today, thanks to the fact every member of Congress has sold out to the devil. Now, the End Times radio host has another outlandish claim-America has been taken over by a Nazi dictatorship.

“I’ve warned the American people for fifteen years this day would arrive and it is here,” Wiles said during his Mar. 11 broadcast. “No more warnings. America has been overthrown by a Nazi dictatorship. It is in power now.”

The conspiracy, he continued, began during World War II, when Nazis sent in secret agents to convert the American elite to the Nazi way.

“Tens of thousands of German Nazis were important to America after World War II. They taught America’s elite how to set up a Nazi dictatorship,” he explained. “We are now in the new Nazi nightmare.”

The right-wing ranter then revealed that the Nazi plan has been a long-time coming and US Presidents all the way back to Bill Clinton are to blame.

“Don’t blame it on that buffoon in the White House, Barack Obama. He is merely their little stooge, just like George Bush and Dick Cheney and Bill Clinton were their stooges too,” Wiles told his radio audience. “Bush and Cheney gave us the Patriot Act and Homeland Security and the TSA. Barack Obama is using all of them, put in place by Bush and Cheney to enslave us in this Nazi regime.”

Pointing out that the patrolling of the Ukrainian cities by masked gunmen is a lot like what Barack Obama is doing with the US military, he warned that World War III is looming and Russia and China will turn out to be like the Allied forces while America and the West will be forced to play the role of the Axis of evil in the sequel to WW II.

“Everything is upside down,” he lamented. “Wake up, American people. This country has been overthrown by Nazis. They are trying to take over the world….God have mercy on us.”

Photo Credit: Marchin Wichary


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