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Pat Robertson: ‘God Laughed at Pro-Climate Change Democrats By Knocking Out DC’s Power’

On Wednesday, wind gusts of nearly 50 mph caused the lights outside of the Capitol building to go dark. The office of the Architect of the Capitol reported that extreme winds had temporarily caused the exterior lights of the Capitol building to go out, a problem that was quickly remedied and did not impact the building’s interior.

Today on the the 700 Club, however, televangelist Pat Robertson explained that what was experienced in the nation’s capitol yesterday was no ordinary March windstorm or temporary power failure. God, he demanded, was using the extreme weather to laugh at the Democrats for staying up late to talk about climate change.

Robertson is referring to the fact Democratic Senators pulled an all-nighter on the Senate floor on Monday discuss climate change, a move decried by both Republicans and climate change deniers like Robertson as being a political stunt.

According to Robertson, though, not only fellow Republicans were in on the mocking and finger pointing. God was also amused at the Democrat’s folly.

“Do you think God has a sense of humor? Well, I think he does,” Robertson said at the start of his 700 Club broadcast today. “Let me tell you what happened. In the United States Capitol, Harry Reid, Barbara Boxer and the Democrats had an all night marathon advancing global warming.”

He added that during the all-nighter, the Democrats advised Americans that they should be in fear of global warming, something Robertson has routinely stated is not the case.

In order to show the Democrats the error of their ways, Robertson continued, God “dropped the temperature 40 degrees, sent so much wind that it that it knocked out the lights in the Capitol dome for the first time in years,” adding with glee,“and it’s still cold!”

“Isn’t that fun? God has a sense of humor,” the televangelist concluded, laughing  heartily at God’s alleged anti-climate change prank.

Photo Credit: Screenshot/700 Club



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