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Worldwide ‘White Man March’ Turns Out to Be Just a Handful of Protests and Some Roadside Signs

A pro-white activist who claimed he has the support to be President by 2020 has a lot to learn about organizing a rally. Kyle Hunt’s much-hyped ‘international day for independent pro-white activism,’ resulted in only a few small gatherings of ‘white supporters’ and a handful of roadside signs over the weekend.

In an interview with Vice in the days leading to the ‘White Man March’, Hunt claimed that the event would result in actions worldwide by white people fed up with the suppression of their race.

“People will be distributing literature, displaying signs, and getting our message out in any way possible,” he said.  “Lightning marches are simply non-violent flash mobs, keeping the location from the public so as to avoid confrontations with violent ‘anti-racists’ and ‘anti-fascists’ (a.k.a. anti-whites), who deny white people the right to peaceful assembly and free speech.”

Hunt added that the worldwide event, organized through social media, would be a way to vent the frustration of white people who are “discriminated against, mocked, displaced, and violently attacked, all of which amount to white genocide.”

On Mar. 15, however, only a few protests emerged and the media largely ignored the event. In Florence, Kentucky, a group of 10 gathered near an intersection waving signs that read, “Diversity=White Genocide,” attracting the attention of nearby motorists.

In Knoxville, TN a small group standing behind a “Diversity=White Genocide” sign endured heckling from onlookers as they claimed to keeping America for white people was not racist because it was  just like “keeping Japan for the Japanese.”

Meanwhile, in Birmingham, Alabama six banners reading “Diversity=White Genocide” were quickly removed by police who said that kind of talk had no place in their city.

“We don’t want stuff like that. We want to remove it quickly. We don’t want to alarm the citizens. We don’t welcome that type of mentality and behavior here,” Birmingham Police Lt. Sean Edwards told the local paper.

Kyle Hunt, White Man March organizer, has yet to make a public statement following the event.

Photo Credit: Screenshot/Youtube Video by Laura Fitzgerald/ Minnie Ervia

Update: According to Raw Story, the Tennessee protester shouting about how keeping America white is like ‘keeping Japan for the Japanese’ is Laura Fitzgerald aka Minnie Ervia. She shot the video (linked above) of the TN protest and apparently has a lot to say about ‘white rights’ and how diversity means white genocide.






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