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Ex-Westboro Member’s Passionate Plea for Love and Compassion For ‘Pastor of Hate’

An ex-church member thrown from the family cult in her early twenties has asked the world to forgive Fred Phelps, Sr. In a heartfelt note on Facebook, Lauren Drain, who has since disavowed all WBC beliefs, called for compassion for the man dying in a hospice, despite what he had done to her and others.

Drain, now a nurse in her late twenties, talked about the pain of being excommunicated from the church and separated from her family as a young adult.

“I consider myself one of the many victims of loss and confusion from the WBC. My dear family, whom I love so much, cannot and will not even recognize me as family because of the extreme beliefs propagated even until this day,” the woman said on Facebook, adding that she hoped something would change to end the years of heartache and confusion resulting from her banishment.

She called for Phelps to have a change of heart on his death-bed and said she will “pray that the remaining family members see what generations of judgment and banishment can do.”

Like fellow castaway, Nate Phelps, she also expressed sorrow at being excluded from her family during this time. “I have great sadness for the ex-members & family members who despite all their differing circumstances, whether being banished or leaving by choice, are being restricted from making peace with the Pastor during his last moments.”

Despite her own pain, however, Drain called for people to pray for Phelps to find peace and solace in his last days. “As a nurse I can say that every man & woman deserves the right to make peace with themselves, their family & their God on their death-bed,” the young woman wrote.  “I wish for peace. I wish for change. I wish for families to be reunited in love.”

She concluded by calling for the world to show her younger siblings and other family members still in the church an example of forgiveness and compassion, rather than reflecting back the hate that has become associated with the church.

“Consider this, there are members still there, like my younger siblings, who can and will learn from experiencing compassion from others, not polarizing hate,” Drain said. “Prove the WBC wrong. We all seek peace not vengeance.”

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