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Outrageous Right-Wing Conspiracy Theory: ‘Obama Blew Up Malaysia Plane’

Right-wing conspiracy theorist Jim Garrow has already  accused Barack Obama of conspiring with aliens and plotting to blow up him and other Presidential enemies. Now, the self-proclaimed former intelligence officer has taken to Facebook to spout yet another outrageous claim-Obama blew up the missing Malaysia plane to glean sensitive technological information from the Chinese (who also happen to be his new best friends).

“So let me get this straight,” Garrow said on the social media site. ” A fly by wire capable jet goes missing. It is on one course, turns and goes in almost the opposite direction on a heading which would take it to the US base at Diego Garcia. The plane has 20 technology nerds aboard who happen to work for China designing “classified” leading edge computer/internet control software and are carrying the matching hardware with them on the plane.”

He continued by explaining that Muslim-looking men were shown on the plane to raise suspicions that the plane had been hijacked and provide a convenient story for the media to cover up the more sinister truth of Obama’s scheme.

Garrow next theorized the plane landed by wire at Diego Garcia where the United States interrogated the Chinese techno-nerds to glean their secrets.

After the interrogation, according to rather dubious story, everyone was loading back on the plan when it “implodes/explodes and the debris field is now found. How they missed it in the beginning is a mystery. But the western mindset is already prepared to believe that all things eastern and “Malaysian/Indonesian/Muslim” are barely able to tie shoelaces let alone search an ocean.”

He concluded that the costly mission was business as usual for the ‘Muslim amateur Obama and his new-found friends, the Chinese.’

“America/Obama gets the information that they want, who cares if a bunch of innocent people have to die (Obama -“I am pretty good at killing people.”) ,” Garrow rambled on, adding that thanks to Obama’s actions, “more lies per minute have to fly to cover this huge piece of cow manure over.”

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  • wifenum2

    President Obama is not an amateur by any means. Does the author seem not to remember that he was elected twice not just once. Why does not the author run: because he cannot, won’t, and is not qualified.

    • Dewenda Cooper

      Wifenum2, so well spoken. I do have some problems with his policies on his stanch with our support of Israel. Isreal needs us and we should support them by all means.

  • David William Rutledge

    Obama is also behind the most recent atmospheric disturbances on the surface of the sun = grounds for impeachment.

    • Dewenda Cooper

      Are you joking or are you implying that Obama is behind the HAARP which can control the weather? These weather control systems were in place and being used befire Obama. I know i was in hurricane Katrina in 2005 before Pres. Obama and used by GWBUSH.

      • David William Rutledge

        99.9999999% of my comments to these right wing nut crazies are tongue in cheek – as was this one. I don’t put it past these morons to blame Obama for the British tax on tea in the 1770’s. I used to snicker at the ignorance of people living in the Middle Ages – until I realized that I am living in the new Middle Ages.

        • Judy

          People are definitely full of hate aren’t they? Something bad is going to happen, because all of this hate and animosity can’t go on. Prejudice and hatred are alive and well in this country. Shame on them all.

        • Dewenda Cooper

          Sorry, Lol they are nuts. It’s hard to believe that they and the conservatives and the teabaggers blame everything on one Pres. when things would get worse if we get these nuts in office…. God truly would need to bless America!!!

        • Joyce Jacobson

          I understood what you meant!! Some people are woefully deprived of a sense of humor!! But I will admit I have been waiting for such a story; sounds like something Hannity or Dumbaugh would have come up with. Better yet: Sarah Palin. LOL

      • Judy

        I also read that the HAARP facility in Alaska was closed down because of cuts.

  • Dewenda Cooper

    These sicko racist will do anything to discredit Obama, the plane nor the crash have been found. They have accused him of HAARP, the unrest in egypt, damascus and benghazi now the Ukraine. Wow hate has no boundaries in the minds of these dumb stupid people!!! Get a life, He is POTUS. REMEMBER THE CIVIL WAR IS OVER LONG AGO AND THINGS WILL NEVER GO RETURN TO WHAT IT WAS BEFORE NO MATTER HOW YOU WAVE THAT FLAG AND WEAR THOSE SHEETS. THE PEOPLE OF THE US HAS SPOKEN AND YOU HAVE LOST!!! Go to europe where you come from and have your eutopia of a pure race ha what a joke.

  • highflier

    What a nut case.LOL

  • John Kramer

    This guy needs to take his medication for the sake of all the rest of us.

  • Tappy Mcwidestance

    This sounds like a pretty good plan. We get the technology at the expense of a handful of Chinese. Plus Boeing gets a new plane order. Good job President Obama. I’m glad we have you looking out for America.

  • Joseph Davis

    Plane goes missing.
    Normal People: It could be anything. It could have crashed by an accident, it could have been blown up by terrorists or crashed by them, or one of the pilots was suicidal and took the plane with him.
    Republicans like the man in this article: It is clearly President Obama’s Fault.

  • Judy

    This guy needs to be hung, but rip out his tongue first. Disrespectful PIG

  • Dana Breashear

    Very smart man.