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Senator McConnell Supporter: ‘Men Should Not Have to Wait Until Women are in Mood to Have Sex’

A featured speaker at a pricey Republican fundraiser for Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has some extreme views about women, the workplace, and marital sex. According to talk show radio host Dennis Prager, not only should women choose marriage over a career,  a man should not have to wait until their wives are in the mood to make love.

This week, couples paid over $30,000 to attend a Camarillo, California luncheon featuring Prager and other speakers to raise money for re-election campaign of McConnell.

The choice of an outspoken anti-feminist speaker like Prager to headline McConnell’s out-of-state fundraiser, though,  raises even more doubts about the Kentucky Senator, whose track record on women’s issues has been questioned after it was revealed he opposed the Violence Against Women Act, the Paycheck Fairness Act and other pro-women bills.

In an essay for the National Review, fundraiser speaker Prager lamented that young women had the mistaken belief that they should value career over marriage. “The decade or more during which women have the best chance to attract men is spent being preoccupied with developing a career,” Prager said, adding, “most women are not programmed to prefer a great career to a man and family.”

Prager’s most outlandish views on women, however, come from the fact that he does not think men should have to wait until women are in the mood to have sex, since it is a ‘marital obligation.’

“Why would a loving, wise woman allow mood to determine whether or not she will give her husband one of the most important expressions of love she can show him? What else in life, of such significance, do we allow to be governed by mood?” Prager stated previously. “What if your husband woke up one day and announced that he was not in the mood to go to work?”

Yet despite these extreme views on women, Senator McConnell seemed happy to stand with Prager this week  as he raised thousands of dollars for his campaign and the Republican cause.

A spokesperson for the campaign, however, stressed that despite using the anti-feminist Prager to raise campaign cash, Senator McConnell is, for the record, pro-women.

“Sen. McConnell has a long and distinguished record of defending and empowering Kentucky women and he’s proud to run on that record,” campaign spokesperson Allison Moore claimed in defense of her bosses track record. ” No one stands stronger for [Kentucky] women than Sen. McConnell.”

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