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Erik Rush: ‘CIA Commandeered Missing Malaysia Plane to Get at Chinese Geeks and Goods’

Conservative pundit and occasional Fox News guest Erik Rush knows exactly where missing Malaysia Flight 370 wound up. After being commandeered and forced to land at an American base, the doomed flight and its passengers were mysteriously disposed of to hide the Obama administration’s sinister plan to steal technological secrets from the Chinese.

“The airliner was taken over remotely by US intelligence operatives at the behest of those at the highest levels of our government,” Rush asserted on his radio show and blog, pointing out he thinks that the pilots had no forewarning that the takeover was going to occur.

Under U.S. operative control, he continued, the flight was forced to make the odd turn reported in the flight path reports, before landing at Diego Garcia.

“It sounds like an expensive cigar, but Diego Garcia is actually a United States military base that we technically rent from the United Kingdom,” Rush explained.

Once there, twenty Chinese ‘geeks’ were interrogated and the U.S. operative went to work stealing what Rush believes was either sensitive software or hardware. “In any case, it was the geeks and the goods that the CIA was after, and I’m led to believe that’s what they got.”

The 200 passengers on the flight, he added “sadly, were most likely murdered for the sake of expediency” while the plane may have been transferred to Pakistan or may still be crashed along the flight path by U.S. agents in an effort to hide the Obama administration scheme.

While Rush does not name his mysterious source for the evidence behind his claims, the person who Rush insisted hasn’t “been wrong yet” is likely fellow conspiracy theorist and conservative crony, Jim Garrow, who frequently joins Rush on his radio show. This week, Garrow laid out a similar, yet less detailed plan of his own blaming the Obama administration for the disappearance of Flight 370 in an effort to steal techo-secrets from the Chinese.

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