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Convicted Felon Running for CA Governor on GOP Ticket Says Criminal Past Will Make Him Better Politican

A GOP candidate for California governor is not hiding the fact he has a criminal past. Instead, he is using it as a campaign tactic.

48-year-old Glenn Champ has a high school education and claims that he chose not attend college because he “would not stand for the unbiblical, communist, socialist, curriculum brainwashing in college.”

He did, however, serve over ten years in prison and insists, if given the chance to be governor, he would use this prison education to help the people of California.

“In my life, I’ve been held accountable because of my stupidity,” Champ said during a recent speech at the semi-annual convention of California Republicans, “I do not want anyone else to be enslaved because of their lack of knowledge.”

Champ’s decade-long ‘enslavement’ was the result of a felony manslaughter charge and a 90-day stint he says was “just for picking up some underage prostitutes.” The latter charge resulted in Champ being listed as a registered sex offender.

The gubernatorial hopeful, though, insists his criminal past is now behind him and that he is a changed man.

“I found the Lord when I got arrested for picking up the prostitutes,” Champ said. “I was like most people, ignorant in the darkness, in the very dark. I had no peace, had no love, had no joy. And now I do. Praise God for that…. I’ve grown considerably since I met Christ.”

If elected, the pro-gun candidate said that he would use his knowledge of criminal behavior to deal with the state politicians. “I know what the criminal mind thinks, and I know how it works and I know how to stop it, and that’s something [other politicians] don’t get,” Champ insisted, pointing out the criminals in Sacramento regularly infringe on personal liberties of gun owners through restrictive legislation.

California Republican chairman Jim Brulte refused to say whether or not the GOP knew of Champ’s criminal past before the dark horse candidate  was given 10 minutes time to address the state convention. He did, however, make it clear that the party was not in the business of deciding who should be allowed to run for office.

“We’re not in the business of vetting candidates, and we don’t pick winners and losers,” Brulte said. “Republican voters should get to decide who runs against Jerry Brown.”

Photo Credit: Champ for Governor

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