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Michele Bachmann: ‘Obama is Forcing a Killer Drug (Birth Control) Down America’s Throat’

Birth control is a “killer drug” being forced down America’s throat by Obama, according to Michele Bachmann.

In a rant yesterday on the house floor, the Minnesota Republican warned that if the drug were made available under Obamacare, the administration’s capricious use of power could leave America “unrecognizable” and may even stop ordinary Americans from getting the good drugs they need.

Sparked by the Supreme Court hearing on Sebelius vs Hobby Lobby, a case focused on whether or not businesses could refuse to provide birth control coverage based on religious beliefs of the company owners, Bachmann joined with fellow House Republican Louie Gohmert to bash Obama’s mandate to provide birth control to American women.

“That is government enforced coercion on religious belief,” Bachmann said from the podium. “And it varies at caprice and whim. That’s one thing under the rule of law that has been a pillar of American exceptionalism, the fact that under the rule of law there is certainty for the American people.”

She added that the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution both provide “certainty when you woke up tomorrow morning that your religious liberties were intact.”

Now, Bachmann insisted, according to at least one Supreme Court justice people “aren’t so much certain anymore” that their rights are being protected.

She also speculated that if ‘killer drugs’ like birth control were offered freely that soon life-saving drugs could arbitrarily be dropped from coverage lists, leaving Americans to die without treatment, unless, of course they are the cronies of the Obama administration.

“Today we will have these killer drugs that we mandate,” she insisted. “Tomorrow, what drugs will they take off the list? Will I not get life-saving drugs that I need to get?”

She concluded that it is this uncertainty that is forcing us to live “in a country we no longer recognize.”

“We don’t know!” she warned with dramatic flair. “That means that the president and his administration wins their religious liberty, and the right to force their religious views down the throats of the American people… It’s unlike anything we have ever seen before in the history of the United States of America….The American people better wake up quick.”

Photo Credit: Screenshot/C-Span

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  • Tyrhonius

    “Killer drugs.” Uh, birth control pills prevent the formation of fetuses; it doesn’t destroy them. Oh wait, a Republican was talking. Makes sense now.

  • Bonnie Hitt Poynter

    “The Obama administration is forcing their religious views down our throats”. Isn’t that what Hobby Lobby is trying to do?

    • Thomas W. Yale

      Well said.

  • KevinCV

    Why can’t we just stop putting a camera and a mic on these idiots?! They’re doing more damage to the USA and its reputation than anything President Obama’s done! I do agree with her that the American people better wake up, though. Wake up and stand against ignorant nitwits like this hag!

  • Maurice Robertson

    When will this woman shut the hell up? Her mouth is bigger than Sarah Palin’s.

  • Evelyn Radford

    I’m sure when she was taking them she didn’t think they was a killer drug and no one forced he dumb a$$!

  • 2Smart2bGOP

    Ms Bachmann needs to be able to explain to me why people getting one kind of drug will have ANY effect at all on other people getting other drugs? There simply is no cause and effect here.

  • Goforride

    It’s not so much Bachmann that floors me as it is the people of the 6th District of Minnesota who voted for her-more than once.

  • Mariana Petoom

    Too bad Bachmann’s mother didn’t have an abortion and spare us from reading what this stupid woman thinks about ANYTHING.

  • Thomas W. Yale

    Bachmann, go away already.