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Right-Wing Rant: ‘Hollywood is Part of Mass Conspiracy to Lead Kids to Witchcraft’

Hollywood is conspiring to turn kids away from God according to Kevin Swanson. The right-wing pastor and radio host who garnered the public spotlight for demanding the Disney movie ‘Frozen’ could make kids gay, is now warning of a mass Hollywood conspiracy to lead children to witchcraft.

Today on his radio show,  Swanson joined co-host Steve Vaughn to bash kid-friendly movies for the way children are able to solve their problems on their own.

“Even with Frozen, Anna saved herself, she had the frozen heart and she did an act of love and saved herself” Vaughn said, warning that the child-character was playing God. “That’s just the way it is, when you’re God you make up the rules.”

Swanson replied that these ‘efforts’ to undermine God’s authority in children’s eyes are in fact part of a huge Hollywood plot to undermine kids’ belief in God.

“In many of these movies produced in Hollywood, God is not the source of power, God’s not the ultimate source of ethics,” Swanson pointed out.  “And when God’s not the source of power, then power is something that is achieved from within oneself or within the closed universe, something to discover from within the closed universe.”

What is often central to these Hollywood plots, he added, is self-reliance and magical thinking. “These magical powers you find in these movies oftentimes not attributed to God himself, God is not recognized, God is not worshiped, God is not seen as the source of power,” he ranted, apparently concerned that children would be drawn away from the tenets of their faith through feel-good cartoons and child-centered plots.

As a result of not casting God as the problem solver in every story line, Swanson concluded children will be swayed by magic and drawn to worship its dark elements. “Thus, many of these magical tales turn out to be a means by which children are led into witchcraft,” he warned.

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