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AFA’s Fischer: ‘It’s OK to Discriminate Against Women, God Made Them That Way’

Right-wing radio host and American Family Association director Bryan Fischer told his audience on Wednesday that discriminating against women is not a bad thing since God designed women mostly for making a home for their husbands.

In yet another right-wing rant in defense of Hobby Lobby, Fischer took to air to bash the “cold-hearted, stingy liberals” who insisted that if Hobby Lobby was allowed to declare a religion, then it could lead to discrimination against women and other protected classes on religious grounds.

“Nobody is suing on those grounds!” he said, calling the liberal viewpoint baseless. “And I’m going to tell you right now, I discriminated on the basis of gender when I was a pastor. I’m going to admit to you right now that I discriminated on the basis of gender.”

He then pointed out that when he was hiring for office help, he wanted only a woman for the job and men “need not apply.”

“When I went to hire a receptionist, when I went to hire a secretary, when I went to hire somebody who was going to answer the phones for a church, I wanted the most welcoming, inviting hospitable voice on our end of the line I could find,” Fischer continued. “And I said, ‘Guys, don’t bother applying. I am discriminating on the basis of gender.'”

The reason for this discrimination, he stressed, was that God had made men and women different.  “I want a woman answering the phone,” he explained, noting they had been designed in a way that made them more welcoming and nurturing.

Men, he added, were designed for other roles in his church, which based on his track record, include every leadership role in the congregation.

He also said that while he was not opposed to women finding work outside the home, he felt God designed them mostly to be stay-at-home moms and wives and that is why women are especially suited to be secretaries and other nurturing roles.

“I think God has designed women for their primary outlet for the creative energy, their love their personality to be in making a home for their husband and children.” Fischer said.”That is his fundamental design.”

Photo Credit: Screenshot/AFA Channel

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  • Karlheinz Groeger

    Another fucking idiot!

    • J. Kevin Michel

      Nah. He is however STUDYING to be an idiot. Just not very hard….

  • Dorothy Dill

    So then I suppose it is okay to discriminate against him because god clearly made him an idiot. I agree god made us different but in this day and time many women have to enter the work force and they deserve to be treated with respect and treated fairly

    • Martha Lacy

      Yes. We do.

    • Dewenda Cooper

      Dorothy good point. Do he realize that many women are single because the man decides he may want something else. Are we to just sit there and nuture while bills need to be paid. Although we can do it all we still would like to be that stay home person but these so called men (republicans and democrats)are not the men they use to be? God in his infinite wisdom knew men would be weaker therefore He made women of today stronger.

  • Jim T

    Women don’t listen to this guy and his opinions. Youre all doing a great job whatever youre into. Man has pushed you ladies into the work force because they could not keep up with the financial demands of keeping a family together alone. The ladies work full time at home and then have to help pull things together on a job to make ends meet that their husbands arnt capable of anymore . Thanks to men in leadership who thinks of themselves only. We are not in the days of Adam and Eve anymore. Get over it right winged opinionated conceited self righteous God blamming bigots. Bottom line , most men today could not handle the roll of their women counterparts. Cheers ladies.

  • Deb Furlin

    Hey, Fischer, I am sending you The Bird. AH.

  • Helivet

    AFA = Anti-Family Antichrist

  • Sharon Netzer

    This is what we are facing today. America the Beautiful should truly wake up. There are so many people who want “power” that they will walk on us if we let them. I just ask myself each day. “do I want to live in a country like the 3rd world countries?” “no” I do not. Do I want to see kids starving just because the wealthy want all the resources. Women are the back bone in this nation. we have to stand up for our rights and sanity, because if we don’t we will be sorry. Don’t boo….VOTE (quote from our President Obama. There are hundreds of issues on the table here. Women are important.

  • jamessavik

    As a right wing lunatic, I ask that Bryan Fischer surrender his credentials as a right winger for making us look bad.